13 year old junior high school students worry about homework to steal $200 to find the Internet to w k-boxing

13 year old junior high school students to worry about the work of stealing $200 online to find someone to write the summer vacation is coming to an end, many students opened a rush mode of operation, and even some people find". The day before, who lives in the junior middle school students in Beibei Xiao Yang from home and stole 200 yuan in the Internet looking for "to write", his parents suspected stolen home alarm, the police investigation found Xiao Yang do absurd things. Reporter survey found that students looking for help to do holiday work situation is not uncommon, near the school, the writing business is more popular. Junior high school students to steal money to buy "to write" yesterday, the reporter contacted Ms. Yang’s mother left. Even the summer homework to spend money to do, the purpose of learning is what!" Left lady introduced, Xiao Yang, 13 years old, in Beibei District, a high school to read the first day, before the summer vacation, Xiao Yang’s teacher assigned some summer homework. "There is poetry, dictation exercises in mathematics, Shouchao Bao, English newspaper, not too much." Ms. left said, thinking about the summer job is not much, she would not supervise his son to do homework. Last weekend, Ms. left accidentally found in the drawer of the home 200 yuan of money is gone, the suspect into the home of her alarm for help. Beibei district police station came to the police investigation, only to learn that the original money was stolen by Xiao Yang used to online shopping to write service, please help write summer homework. "I was very angry, and his grades are not good, immediately on the second day, not only do not summer homework, but also to find someone to write." Left lady said, let her angry is that her son told her that many students are doing so, they will introduce each other to write resources. Severe criticism and asked to redo yesterday, the reporter to Yang’s teacher in charge of the teacher reflects the matter. Lee said that they have received a lot of parents reflect, has criticized the students, requiring students to correct, understand the error". Lee said that the school layout of the summer job is not much, the vast majority of students can be completed, if there are students do not mess or please write, they will be severely criticized and asked to redo. "Summer homework arrangement is to let students to review the knowledge learned during the holidays, if you can" write "has no meaning; students do homework not to meet the teachers and parents should do homework, but through the leak filled in their knowledge base." Li said. The reporter writers from universities in each of the 10~50 yuan yesterday, the reporter login Yang provide "write" website. The website called "homework", top write "homework, write articles and other information, and at the bottom of the site is written" summer homework pain "and" job vulnerable children "," are you a happy summer vacation "advertisement. The reporter added a customer service chat, its business scope covers the summer homework in primary and secondary schools: primary school homework answer is 10 yuan a, not the answer for 20~30 yuan a; junior middle school work answer is 50 yuan a, thickness increase, and increase the high school composition papers; homework 30 yuan a, science did not answer not to write, not the answer will also increase the arts; shipping over 100 yuan. The customer told reporters, their writers are college students, master’s or doctor, can guarantee the accuracy of operation, can also be sent to the customer according to the word burst相关的主题文章: