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18 year old Varro Doha Saina reversed gains second horse occupation career Navarro won second career crown crown occupation sina sports news Beijing on February 28th news, the total prize money of 2818000 dollars over five WTA series Doha open ended the championship. No. 8 seed, Spain’s Navarro in the first SLR defeat under the counter attack, and ultimately to 1-6 6-4 6-4 reversed the Lithuania 18 year old super horse Peng Aosta branch, won the second crown occupation career. Ranked 88 in the world in Aosta Peng Kenian only 18 years old, although the young rookie in Quebec last year the finals runner up, but did not get much attention. However, the Lithuania rookie this week is extremely eye-catching, eliminated Zheng Saisai, Petkovic and other players into the finals. Navarro is in good shape this week, but Wimbledon last year was swept by Aosta 2-6, 0-6, and may have a negative impact on his mentality. At the beginning of the game, a good continuation of the previous state of Aosta Peng Ke made a break in the first game, then rely on the bottom line of large angle to mobilize Baofa, established the 2-0 lead. In the face of the darling of the opponent, to slightly less than Navarro then lost four straight ball once again serve, Lithuania teenager to serve to resolve the break point Paul made by 4-0, way ahead. The Spanish girl who raised the quality of her hair finally won the first game, but Aosta Peng was not affected. After winning two goals, she continued to lead by 5-1. At this time the first game winner also lost the final suspense, Aosta Peng Ke again made the break at the end of the disc, the score to 6-1. Navarro in the second set performance has been significantly improved, Asta Penco is a continuation of the first stable play, two people also launched a more intense confrontation, before the end of six after the two sides have failed to get a break point, the score form 3-3. Lithuania teenager in the seventh game of a continuous error, homeopathy launched offensive Navarro first break the deadlock on the field, and then withstand the break point pressure protection, she was 5-3 to open the score. Actively enhance the status of Aosta Peng, winning nine innings after approaching the score, but the veteran Navarro still stand the share of the test, get the ball wins disk Bureau by 6-4 pulled a plate. One Aosta Peng Ke in the decider start to grasp the initiative, rely on the shitailichen attack even with a break, to lead 2-0. Back to the focus of Navarro, relying on a positive forehand attack back to break, and then keep the score tied. The firepower of Spain’s subsequent successful break, withstand the opponent’s counterattack, Paul made Navarro to lead the score 4-2. Break points of Aosta Peng koppa hair lost four stop the decline, but Navarro also takes the Serving Bureau, close to 5-3 victory. The two sides at the end of the disc again mutual serve, Navarro is reversed by 6-4, scored second career crown occupation. (Benson)

多哈赛纳瓦罗逆转18岁黑马 斩获职业生涯第二冠 纳瓦罗夺职业生涯第二冠   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月28日消息,总奖金为2,818,000美元的WTA超五系列赛多哈公开赛结束了冠军争夺战。8号种子、西班牙单反名将纳瓦罗在首盘惨败的情况下展开反击,并最终以1-6 6-4 6-4逆转立陶宛18岁超级大黑马奥斯塔彭科,赢得职业生涯第二冠。   世界排名88位的奥斯塔彭科年仅18岁,这位年轻新秀虽在去年的魁北克打进决赛获得亚军,但并未得到太多关注。不过这位立陶宛新秀本周表现极其抢眼,淘汰了郑赛赛、佩特科维奇等好手打进决赛。纳瓦罗这个礼拜的状态同样出色,但去年温网曾以2-6 0-6遭奥斯塔彭科横扫,或许会对其心态产生消极影响。   比赛伊始,延续此前良好状态的奥斯塔彭科在首局就取得了破发,随后依靠底线大角度调动保发,就确立了2-0的领先。面对气势如虹的对手,准备稍显不足的纳瓦罗随后直落四球再次丢掉了发球局,立陶宛小将依靠发球化解破发点保发后,就以4-0遥遥领先。提升一发质量的西班牙姑娘终于拿下开场以来第一局,不过奥斯塔彭科没有受影响,在平分后连赢两球,继续以5-1领先。此时首盘比赛胜负也失去了悬念,最终奥斯塔彭科在盘末再次取得破发,首盘比分定格在6-1。   纳瓦罗在第二盘的表现有了明显的提升,奥斯塔彭科则延续首盘的稳定的发挥,两人也展开了更为激烈的对抗,前六局结束后双方都未能获得破发点,比分形成3-3平。立陶宛小将在第七局连续一发失误,顺势展开攻势的纳瓦罗率先打破场上僵局,随后顶住破发点压力保发,她就以5-3拉开了比分。积极提升状态的奥斯塔彭科拿下第九局后迫近比分,但经验丰富的纳瓦罗还是经受住平分的考验,拿下发球胜盘局后以6-4扳回一盘。   重整旗鼓的奥斯塔彭科在决胜盘开局掌握主动,依靠势大力沉的进攻连保带破,就以2-0领先。找回专注的纳瓦罗依靠积极的正手侧身攻取得回破,随后保发追平比分。火力全开的西班牙名将随后再次破发得手,抵挡住对手的反扑,保发的纳瓦罗就以4-2反超比分。挽救破发点的奥斯塔彭科保发止住连丢四局的颓势,但纳瓦罗同样拿下发球局,以5-3迫近胜利。双方在盘末再次互保发球局,纳瓦罗就以6-4实现逆转,拿下职业生涯第二冠。   (Benson)相关的主题文章: