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The 300 Jiangsu volunteer service in Sihong International Marathon, people.com.cn Jiangsu channel — people.com.cn volunteers for the contestants for the players to escort police service security personnel maintain the match order in Suqian in October 23, people.com.cn (Yan Feng, Ma Xiaobo, Gu Shushu) on October 23rd at half past eight in the morning, "Zheng home cup" 2016 Sihong International Half Marathon in paddy field some shots in the ancient Xu Sihong County court. As an integral part of the county’s agricultural investment promotion and rice culture festival, the Sihong International Half Marathon is the third marathon held in the county, and also a handful of Marathon events held in the paddy field. A total of 300 volunteers were recruited from the organizing committee to assist in the medical rescue and maintenance of the competition order. According to the introduction, the current Sihong rice field "half horse" tournament attracted 10000 participants at home and abroad, including 4000 men and women half marathon, 5 kilometers happy run 4000 people, 1.5 kilometers family family run 2000 people. All contestants start from the ancient Xu City scenic spot in Sihong County, through the rice fields in the golden autumn of October, and arrive at the terminus of Sihong County rice culture museum. Along the way, the friends can feel the long rice culture in Sihong, and experience the idyllic and humanistic, artistic and creative ideas. A total of 300 volunteers were recruited from the organizing committee to assist in the medical rescue and maintenance of the competition order. In addition, the well-known experts and backbone of the major hospitals in the county have been mobilized to enrich the medical rescue team. In the competition, the organizers provide medical services along the road, along the sections of the road to protect runners running, and to provide adequate drinking water, functional drinks, fruits, food and other supplies. After the final competition, the top three men in the international men’s team came from Kenya, among whom the first player scored 1 hours, 2 minutes and 33 seconds. Among the top three women in the international women’s group, second of Wu Yangfei scored 1 hours, 14 minutes and 21 seconds, third players named Su Xueting, and the first player from Ethiopia, two. In addition, Li Zicheng won the domestic men’s team with 1 hours, 5 minutes and 5 seconds. (commissioning editor Tang Lu and Zhang Xin)

300名志愿者服务江苏泗洪稻田国际半程马拉松–人民网江苏频道–人民网 志愿者为参赛选手服务 交警为选手护航 安保人员维护比赛秩序 人民网宿迁10月23日电(闫峰、马晓波、顾姝姝)10月23日上午八点半,“政通置业杯”2016泗洪稻田国际半程马拉松赛在泗洪县古徐阁鸣枪开跑。作为该县农业招商推介会暨稻米文化节的组成部分之一,泗洪稻田国际半程马拉松是该县举办的第三届马拉松赛事,也是国内屈指可数在稻田举办的马拉松赛事。大赛组委会共招募了300名志愿者,为参赛选手服务,协助开展医疗救护、维护比赛秩序。 据介绍,本届泗洪稻田“半马”赛事共吸引国内外选手10000人参与,其中男女半程马拉松4000人、5公里快乐跑4000人、1.5公里家庭亲子跑2000人。所有选手从泗洪县古徐城景区出发,途经金秋十月的稻田,到达终点泗洪县稻米文化馆,一路上跑友们可以感受泗洪悠久的稻米文化,体验田园与人文、艺术相互交织的创意。 大赛组委会共招募了300名志愿者,为参赛选手服务,协助开展医疗救护、维护比赛秩序。此外,还调集县内各大医院知名专家和骨干力量充实医疗救护团队。比赛中,主办方在沿线提供医疗服务,沿途分路段有护跑者陪跑,并提供充足的饮用水、功能饮料、水果、食物等补给。 经过最终角逐,国际男子组前三名都来自肯尼亚,其中第一名选手成绩为1小时2分33秒。国际女子组前三名中有两名中国选手,其中,第二名吴阳菲的成绩是1小时14分21秒,第三名选手叫苏雪婷,第一名选手则来自埃塞俄比亚。此外,李子成以1小时5分5秒的成绩夺得国内男子组的冠军。 (责编:唐璐、张鑫)相关的主题文章: