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5 well-known brokerage Friday bullish 6 plates 30 shares (list) Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the most simple computer stock market pick up the money: the valuation of the pressure release effectively recommended 5 stocks investment advice. This year, the computer application industry as a whole a substantial adjustment, industry valuation pressures have been effectively released. Thanks to industry restructuring and policy support, mobile payments, cloud computing, Internet banking and other areas in the fourth quarter is expected to show. We maintain the overall industry rating to "outperform, portfolio for strong science and Technology (300365), YLZ (300096), Ultrapower (300002), Yi Hualu (300212), ultra software (300036). Aijian Securities: focus on the financial risk focus on stocks recommended 7 shares of bank stock: the valuation of fixed logic still exists, but at the risk of asset returns generally downward in the market environment, the bank shares are still long-term funds allocation system of the new ideal; increase the uncertainty, but also increase the allocation of bank shares opportunity. Because the bank shares are an important tool for rescue "during the maintenance of market stability. This week the focus of the configuration of three lines, one is PB repair, including: China Construction Bank, China Everbright Bank; the second is the performance flexibility, including the Bank of Nanjing, Bank of Ningbo; the third is the shareholding system, China Merchants bank. The securities industry: by the cyclical impact of industry in the stock market, market sentiment is low in the environment, valuation is greatly affected, while the performance is not optimistic, in the market abnormalfluctuations influenced by systemic risk, short-term risks need to focus on. Long term investors can increase the strategic configuration of the securities industry, this sharp adjustment is the opportunity for the long-term layout of the broker. Insurance industry: both bank stocks, brokerage stocks properties, on the one hand is a good defensive varieties, on the other hand, the market has a high degree of sensitivity to systemic risk. Focus on risk this week. Diversified financial industry: on the one hand by the market fluctuation, while holding individual stocks differentiation opportunities may increase, A new force suddenly rises., focus on leading stocks. Focus: *ST Rui (central enterprises financial holding platform + new energy business); sunny facility (SOE reform) in the long term, the overall value of the allocation of financial stocks still exists, is a logical valuation repair; logic two is the risk-free interest rates down, asset allocation needs; three is the logic of financial reform to accelerate, scale and structure have space, securities and insurance industries have the opportunity; opportunity bank institutions. The evolution of separate operation to comprehensive management, financial holding platform bring epitaxial expansion and synergies are expected to hatched the bright younger generation stocks opportunities worth mining. Pacific leisure services: family travel market have a brilliant future recommended 3 shares of industry chain related companies will benefit from. From the parent-child travel products industry chain, the upper reaches of the transportation, accommodation, destination and travel agencies and other factors, and the middle reaches of the main channel and online agent platform, the last link is the user. Considering that the travel agency has effectively integrated the elements of transportation and accommodation, it is the highest relevance of parent-child travel products相关的主题文章: