Summary of Euro institutional outlook in February 4th (European market) 网游之死灵法师

In February 4th the euro institutions view summary (European city) Easy-Forex EURUSD the euro against the dollar yesterday, the dollar index under the dual pressure to send comments and weak economic data in the New York Fed President Dudley dove, fell to a three month low, the highest in two months the single day decline, currently hovering near 97.384 position 144 the average. Non US currencies rose against the dollar, with the euro hitting a record high of 1.1145 since October 22nd last year, up more than 2%. On the same day: EUR / USD showed a further upward trend. The upper pressure is 1.115-1.13, and the lower support 1.09-1.1. FXBTG Euro dollar: on the day: further rise. Turning point: 1.1000 trading strategy: above 1.1000, bullish, the target price is 1.1150, and then 1.1200. Alternative strategy: under 1.1000, empty, the target price is set at 1.0940, and then 1.0900. Technical review: RSI technical indicators bullish, there is further room for improvement. Dafeng Bank of the euro against the dollar euro yesterday repeatedly rising trend analysis. Because of the comprehensive PMI MARKIT euro zone announced better than expected to boost the euro rally. In the United States time, the United States announced the January ISM non manufacturing index fell to the lowest since February 2014, the decline of the dollar, the euro rose to an 14 week high of 1.1079 benefit level. Afternoon, due to the market of the United States announced less data when the reaction is more intense, reflecting the dollar short-term upward trend for the better material Co., auros. China Merchants Bank’s Euro dollar opened 1.1082 today. Analysts said the 4 hour chart, technical indicators in the overbought area almost no loss of upward force, the exchange rate is far above the moving average. The currency was temporarily extended to 1.1120 of the major static resistance, which would at least temporarily inhibit the rally. However, the currency will regain interest in buying on this level, rally or extend to the 1.1200 region, which is the main target of Thursday. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

2月4日欧元机构观点汇总(欧市)   Easy-Forex   欧元兑美元 EURUSD   昨日,美元指数在纽约联储总裁杜德利的鸽派言论和疲弱经济数据的双重打压之下,盘中一度下跌至三个月低点,创下两个月来的最大单日跌幅,目前在144日均线所在的97.384附近位置徘徊。非美货币方面兑美元则纷纷上涨, 欧元兑美元盘中触及去年10月22日以来的高点1.1145,大涨超过2%。当日内: 欧元兑美元呈进一步上涨趋势。上方压力1.115-1.13,下方支撑1.09-1.1。   FXBTG   欧元 美元 当日内: 进一步上涨。   转折点: 1.1000   交易策略: 在 1.1000 之上,看涨,目标价位为 1.1150 ,然后为 1.1200。   备选策略: 在 1.1000 下,看空,目标价位定在 1.0940 ,然后为 1.0900。   技术点评: RSI技术指标看涨,有进一步上升空间。   大丰银行   欧罗兑美元走势分析   昨日欧罗反覆上升。由于欧元区公布的MARKIT综合PMI好于预期,提振欧罗升势。其后于美国时段,美国公布的一月ISM非制造业指数降至2014年2月以来的最低,美元下跌,欧罗受惠上升至14周高位1.1079水平。后市方面,因市场对美国公布稍差的数据时反应比较激烈,反映美元短期上行有限,料欧罗走势向好。   招商银行总行   欧元 美元今日开盘报1.1082。   分析师表示,4小时图上,技术指标几乎未在超买区域丧失上行力度,汇价远远位于移动均线之上。该货币对一度短暂延伸至1.1120主要静态阻力之上,这一位置至少会在短期内令涨势受到抑制。不过,该货币对如在这一水平之上重新获得买盘兴趣,涨势或延伸至1.1200区域,此区域为周四的主要看多目标所在。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: