Qualified resume only 10% Li Kaifu teach you how to write your resume 风卷残云激活码生成器

Qualified resume only 10% Li Kaifu teach you how to write a resume Li Kaifu [TechWeb] reported on February 19th news, innovation works founder and CEO Li Kaifu yesterday in the individual WeChat public number you how to write a resume voice, he said, "the years of resume, write really qualified only about 10%". Li Kaifu believes that the purpose of submitting your resume and application letter is to allow you to pass the first round of screening, but 90% lose opportunities at this stage. He put forward some suggestions on how to write a good resume. 1. your resume should be about one or two pages in length, concise and comprehensive, resume the fixed format of a lot of books are available to. In the resume, the introduction of personal identity accounted for about 16, the other are related to professional qualifications and experience, participated in groups, expertise, achievements, etc.. 2. please note the following points (especially in the application of foreign position): don’t write salary expectations; do not indicate gender, age or marital status; too fancy font, color or format not; do not use the term; not to mention too much at school do not so important achievements. 3. speak with numbers (e.g., projects help companies save 10% of the cost), and less adjectives and adverbs are required. 4. write your resume, use appropriate verbs, for example you want to engage in the financial aspects of the work, may wish to use "prediction" and "analysis" and other words; if you want to do the market, you can consider the use of "promotion" and "accelerated" and other words; if you want to do, use the "development", the "invention" and other words. These verbs may give attention to people in the personnel department who read hundreds of resumes every day. 5. don’t make any mistakes, no matter how small. If you make a mistake in the process of making a resume, then the company may think: "this person even makes mistakes in such an important matter. How can I trust him to do things?"" Every word on a resume to 6. to present examples, not bluffing or exaggerated. Don’t have anything that doesn’t seem to be true. If anything is untrue, your resume will be thrown into the trash bin immediately. If there’s something that looks exaggerated, but actually it’s true, then you have to add it so you don’t cause unnecessary doubt. 7., according to your application for each unit, "tailored" a resume. For example, when you apply for government positions, of course, you should highlight your organizational work experience; but if you apply for a position as a software engineer, you need to show your practical experience and achievements. You need to know more about what you’re applying for, and you have a deeper understanding of what you’re going to apply, and put that understanding into your "tailored" resume, which is a respect for the company, and you’re better prepared for the problems that might arise in the interview. In addition, Li Kaifu suggests writing a glowing letter outside your resume to describe your expertise and strengths, to highlight your personal strengths, and to explain why you are eligible for a company application. (Zhou Xiaobai)

合格简历仅10% 李开复教你如何写好个人简历 李开复   【TechWeb报道】2月19日消息,创新工场创始人兼CEO李开复昨日在个人微信公众号就如何写好个人简历发声,他表示,“多年看简历,写得真的合格的大概只有10%”。   李开复认为,求职时提交个人简历以及申请信的目的是让你能过第一轮筛选,但90%在这个阶段就失去机会。就如何写好简历,他提出了自己的一些建议。   1. 求职简历应该是长度在一两页左右,言简意赅,简历的固定格式很多书上都可查到。在简历中个人身份介绍部份约占1 6,其它都是专业相关的学历和经历、参加过的团体、特长、成就等。   2. 请注意以下几点(尤其在申请外商的职位时):不要写期望的薪水;不要注明性别、年龄或婚姻状态;不要用过于花俏的字体、颜色或格式;不要用术语;不要提太多在学校时做的不那么重要的成就。   3. 用数字说话(例如:项目帮助公司节省10%的成本),少用形容词和副词(不札实的经验才需要形容词和副词的修饰)。   4. 写履历时,多用合适的动词,例如你想从事财务方面的工作,不妨多用“预测”、“分析”等词;如果你想做市场,可以考虑用“促进”、“加速”等词;如果你想做技术,多用“开发”、“发明”等词。这些动词可能会让每天阅读几百份简历的人事部门的人员注意到你。   5. 不要犯任何错误,无论多小。如果你在制作简历的过程中打错了字,那么公司可能会认为:“这个人连这么重要的事也会犯错,我以后怎能放心让他做事呢?”   6. 简历上的每一句话都要能提出实例,不能唬人或夸张。不要有任何看起来不实的内容。如果有任何内容的不真实,你的简历马上会被扔到垃圾桶里去。如果有一些内容看起来很夸张但实际上是真实的,那你一定要补充说明,以免造成不必要的怀疑。   7. 应该根据你申请的每一个单位,“量身定做”一份简历。例如你申请政府机关的职位,当然要突出你的社团组织工作经验;但是如果你申请一个软件工程师的职位,你更需要显示你的实践经验与成果。还要多做咨询,对你申请的公司应有较深的了解,把这些了解放入你的“量身定做”的简历中,这样对公司是一种尊重,而且对面试时可能会出现的问题你也有更好的准备。   此外,李开复还建议在简历之外,再写一封热情洋溢的充分描述你的专长和优势、发挥个人亮点、解释为什么你适合公司的申请信。(周小白)相关的主题文章: