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Risk appetite pick up supporting the dollar index rebounded Huitong news network February 16th – Monday (February 15th) the dollar rose, the United States due to Washington on the market is closed, but the market stabilized makes the market risk appetite, dollar support. The focus of investors has now shifted to the minutes of the Fed’s January meeting, which is to be announced on Wednesday. The euro dropped to five day low against the dollar, because the European Central Bank President Delaki once again issued doves speech. Delaki said the ECB policy will be relaxed for a long time. The ECB’s QE policy is flexible enough to adapt to market changes. Global deflation is not an excuse for inaction by the ecb. Euro dollar 1.1155. Sterling fell to two day low against the dollar, depressed by European recession and interest rate cuts. In view of the recent global market hedge is generally warming up, investors once again postponed the central bank’s interest rate hike point, the market even spread interest rate worries. Late in New York, the pound reported 1.4429 against the dollar. Merrill Lynch lowered Britain’s economic growth forecast from 2.3% to 2% in 2016, and lowered its growth outlook from 2.5% to 2.4% in 2017. The bank analysts pointed out that the market trend indicates that the Bank of England will cut interest rates in the next 12 months. The pound was also weighed down by Britain’s retreat from europe. According to a survey released the latest company comres poll, 49% of respondents opposed Britain back in Europe, 41% in favor of back in europe. Schauble, the German finance minister, pointed out that there is great uncertainty in Britain’s referendum on European retreat. The yen rally rose to a three week high on Monday, criticizing Japanese Prime Minister’s excessive volatility in the foreign exchange market and rising the renminbi, which, to some extent, helped ease the unease in the global financial markets and suppressed the hedge yen. US dollar JPY 114.59. The stock market sell-off since the beginning of February to promote capital have defected to the traditional safe haven yen, stimulate the yen rose 7%, and raised about Japan will intervene in the yen exchange rate speculation. Abe Shinzo, the prime minister, told parliament that he was "not happy with excessive exchange rate fluctuations" and said the government would take appropriate action in the currency market when needed. Andouble also said that at the G20 meeting in Shanghai next week, financial officials would be able to take appropriate measures to deal with the global economic problems. NZD dollar fell in early trading, recovering Monday’s full gain. New Zealand’s prime minister said that New York was not surprised by the decline in dairy products, and that the information from the goods market was a bit of a surprise. NZD dollar 0.6633. Dollar index hour chart Beijing time 6:31 U.S. dollar index 96.7274. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

风险偏好回暖支撑 美元指数回升   汇通网2月16日讯——周一(2月15日)美元上涨,美国因华盛顿日市场休市,但亚欧市场回稳使得市场风险偏好情绪升温,美元获得支撑。目前投资者的焦点转向本周三将要公布的美联储1月会议纪要。   欧元兑美元跌至五日低位,因欧洲央行行长德拉基再度发表鸽派言论。德拉基称,欧洲央行政策将长期性地宽松。欧洲央行的QE政策足够灵活,能够适应市场变化。全球性的通缩并非欧洲央行不作为的借口。欧元兑美元报1.1155。   英镑兑美元回落跌至两日低位,受退欧和降息忧虑打压。鉴于近来全球市场避险普遍升温,投资者再度推延英国央行加息时间点,市场上甚至传出降息的忧虑。纽约尾盘,英镑兑美元报1.4429。   美银美林将英国2016年经济增长预期由2.3%下调至2%;将2017年增长预期由2.5%下调至2.4%。该行分析师指出,市场走势预示英国央行未来12个月内将降息一次。   英镑还受到英国退欧忧虑打压。民调公司康雷斯最新发布的一份调查显示,49%受访者反对英国退欧,41%赞成退欧。德国财长朔伊布勒就指出,英国退欧公投存在很大的不确定性。   日元涨势周一暂歇回升至三周高位,因日本首相对外汇市场过度波动提出批评,且人民币上涨,这在一定度程度上协助缓解全球金融市场的不安情绪,打压避险日元。美元兑日元报114.59。   股市自2月初以来的抛售推动资本纷纷投奔日元这一传统避风港,刺激日元上涨7%,并提升了有关日本或将干预日元汇率的猜测。   日本首相安倍晋三对议会表示,“不乐见过度的汇率波动”,并表示政府将在需要时在汇市采取适当行动。安倍还表示,希望下周在上海举行的G20会议上各国财政官员能采取适当措施,应对全球经济问题。   纽元兑美元早盘回落收回周一全部涨幅。新西兰总理表示,纽约并未和乳制品下跌让人感到惊讶,货市场所透露的信息让其略感意外。纽元兑美元报0.6633。   美元指数小时图   北京时间6:31 美元指数报96.72 74。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: