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Malala   plans to raise $1 billion 400 million; Syria children’s Education – International – according to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" reported on February 1st, has won the Nobel peace prize of the Pakistan girl MALALLA of Reuters said that she plans this year to countries to raise $1 billion 400 million (about 9 billion 200 million yuan) justice shall, to give Syria refugee children’s education. Reported that the world leaders and government ministers this Thursday will be gathered in London, attended the International Conference on Syria and regional support ". The aim of the conference is to raise funds to deal with the humanitarian crisis in Syria. MALALLA said she would appeal to the leaders at that time to provide assistance to those children in Syria who had no way to go to school because of the war. About 700 thousand children in Syria live in camps in Jordan, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries, and they are all out of school because of the war. The foundation, founded by Ma Lala, aims to raise money to help children out of school. "I saw a lot of children in Syria, and I couldn’t forget them," Marla said in a telephone interview. It surprised me to think that they could never go to school for the rest of their lives.". Ma Lala (18 years old) was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. She claims that women have equal rights to education, and almost died in October 2012 from terrorist organizations, Taliban, under the molecular gun. She was shot in the head and sent to Britain for treatment by all parties. She is now settling down in the uk. 马拉拉计划筹集14亿美元 助叙利亚儿童接受教育–国际–人民网 据新加坡《联合早报》2月1日报道,曾获得诺贝尔和平奖的巴基斯坦少女马拉拉对路透社说,她计划在今年向各国筹集14亿美元(约合92亿人民币)义款,以让叙利亚难民儿童接受教育。 报道称,世界各国领导人和政府部长本周四将齐集伦敦,出席“支援叙利亚与区域”国际会议。这次会议的目的是要筹集资金应对叙利亚人道危机。马拉拉说,到时她将呼吁与会领导人提供援助,协助这些因为战乱没有办法上学的叙利亚儿童。 马拉拉基金会的报告指出,目前约70万个叙利亚儿童栖身在约旦、黎巴嫩及其他中东国家的难民营,他们都因躲避战火而失学。由马拉拉倡导成立的这个基金会,其宗旨是筹集善款,帮助失学儿童上学。 马拉拉在电话访问中说,“我看到许多叙利亚儿童,他们的情况让我无法忘怀。一想到他们一辈子都无法上学,就让我很惊讶,也无法接受。”。 马拉拉(18岁)曾在2014年荣获诺贝尔和平奖。她由于主张女性有同等的受教育权利,2012年10月几乎死于恐怖组织塔利班分子枪下。她头部中弹,经各方协助送往英国治疗,目前在英国定居。相关的主题文章: