The most controversial 1 scenes of Derby! Mancini stands for AC GIF fans (Milan) 驯龙高手dm456

The most controversial 1 Derby scene! Mancini finger shame AC Milan fans (GIF) Mancini at AC Milan fans finger sina sports Inter Milan Derby war, lost 0-3, the game also occur in the controversial scene, inter coach Mancini was sent off, and Mancini at the exit of the fans the finger the picture is being shot to capture. The dispute screen at the half time of fifth minutes, Alex Donna Roumat backcourt Disembarrassing kicked a left back, Eder and Donna Roumat flying area to reach the ball, the referee did not contact the ground, D’Amato a penalty, but Donna Roumat has the ball two times. For all that happened on the scene, Mancini was very dissatisfied with his aides to protest fourth officials, the result was punished to the grandstand. And at the exit, Mancini also made a calm behavior again, he put up the middle finger to the AC Milan fans, and all this was photographed. Mancini finger shame AC Milan fans like Mancini also immediately sparked fans attacked, because after just with Naples coach Mancini Surrey conflict, Mancini criticized the Surrey anti gay behavior, but Mancini’s actions also is full of insults, this approach is clearly inconsistent. After the news conference, Mancini also admitted his actions and explained, "yes, I admit that there are such behavior, that is because the fans threw things at me, but also in a variety of ways to insult me, so I do, so the fans don’t deserve to be watching on the stage." (Wellman)

德比最争议1幕!曼奇尼竖中指辱AC米兰球迷(GIF) 曼奇尼朝AC米兰球迷竖中指   新浪体育讯  米兰德比大战,国米0-3输球,比赛中也是出现了争议的一幕,国米主帅曼奇尼也因此被罚下,而曼奇尼在退场时对球迷竖中指的画面也是被镜头捕捉到了。 争议画面   下半时第5分钟,阿莱士后场回传唐纳鲁马解围踢呲,埃德尔禁区左侧飞身够球,与唐纳鲁马接触倒地,主裁判达马托没判点球,不过唐纳鲁马也存在二次触球嫌疑。对于场上发生的一切,曼奇尼非常不满,同助手向第四官员抗议,结果被罚上看台。   而在退场的时候,曼奇尼也是再次做出了不冷静的行为,他向AC米兰球迷竖起了中指,这一切则是被拍了下来。 曼奇尼竖中指辱AC米兰球迷   曼奇尼这样的行为也立即引发了球迷的抨击,因为此前曼尼奇刚刚同那不勒斯主帅萨里发生冲突,曼奇尼抨击萨里侮辱同性恋的行为,而今曼奇尼的行动同样也满是侮辱性,这样的做法显然前后不一。   赛后的新闻发布会,曼奇尼也承认了自己的行为并给出了解释,“是的,我承认有这样的行为,那是因为球迷在拿东西砸我,还用各种方式侮辱我,所以我这么做了,这样的球迷本不配呆在看台上。”   (威尔曼)相关的主题文章: