Xi’an a driver drunk driving butt to escape by the police arrested beef怎么读�

Xi’an a driver drunk driving butt to escape by the police arrested the newspaper news (reporter Yang Chao intern reporter Zhang Qingyue) the evening of November 10th, two Xi’an traffic police is on the way home met a white butt after SUV attempted to escape, in the city of Xi’an high road street staged a gripping "pursuit". On the same day at 22:23, just participated in the basketball game the high tech Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police Wang Haifeng, Tang Yan Zhang Pengfei drove home, when the vehicle is traveling to the high road and Guanghua Road Cross, suddenly knocked down a car in front of Shaanxi A license plate white SUV roadside a child. The vehicle parking hesitated after two or three seconds, a direction into the next bus lanes, swiftly ran. "Butt!" This scene attracted beside a taxi passengers shouted. At the same time, two plainclothes police already act quickly. Wang Haifeng jumped out of the car on the scene to rescue and emergency contact 120, Zhang Pengfei drove to follow the escape vehicle. Seeing this, enthusiastic people next to a red car driving also joined. When the car accident escape to the high road south near the mouth when they happen to be in the first row of red light, wait for the taxi driver heard the police shouted immediately after the block, and driving the police car before and after the formation of the attack force, the car accident paralyzed. At this time, Wang Haifeng police reinforcements rushed to the two people are running, the driver will be pulled off, found its clear alcohol on the body, and do not fit, actually want to get rid of the police abandoned the vehicle and fled. Then, around 4 people kindly help, the driver was control. A few minutes later, the traffic police squadron of police reinforcements rushed to Tang Yan Road, the driver will take you to the hospital blood sampling, and assist the new hospital emergency personnel will be broken legs injured rushed to hospital. Reporter yesterday learned that the scene was a white SUV two police vehicles driving recorder complete shooting, high-tech traffic police initially suspected of drunk driving and the alleged hit and run. At present, the case is still under investigation.

西安一司机酒驾撞人欲逃逸 过路民警将其抓获   本报讯(记者晁阳实习记者张晴悦)11月10日晚,正在回家路上的两名西安交警遇上一白色SUV撞人后企图逃逸,在西安市高新路街头上演了一场扣人心弦的“大追逃”。   当日22时23分,刚刚参加完篮球比赛的交警高新大队唐延中队民警王海峰、张鹏飞驱车回家,当车辆行驶至高新路与光华路十字时,突然发现前方一辆陕A牌照的白色SUV撞倒了路边一个孩子。肇事车辆停车犹疑了两三秒后,一把方向驶入旁边的公交车道,一溜烟跑了。   “撞人啦!”这一幕引得旁边一辆出租车上的乘客大喊道。而此时,两名便衣民警早已快速行动起来。王海峰跳下车在现场施救并紧急联系了120,张鹏飞则驱车紧紧跟随逃逸车辆。见状,旁边一辆驾驶红色轿车的热心群众也加入进来。   当肇事车逃逸至高新路南二环口时,恰巧遇到红灯,在第一排等候的出租车司机听见民警喊话后连忙将其堵住,与民警驾驶的车形成前后夹击之势,使得肇事车动弹不得。这时,民警王海峰也跑步赶到增援,两人将肇事司机拉下车后,发现其身上有明显的酒气,且极不配合,竟挣脱民警想要弃车逃跑。随后,在周围4名好心群众的协助下,肇事司机终被控制。   几分钟后,交警唐延路中队增援民警赶到,将肇事司机带去医院提取血样,并协助高新医院急救人员将双腿断裂的伤者紧急送往医院急救。   记者昨了解到,白色SUV撞人一幕被两位交警驾驶车辆的行车记录仪完整拍摄,高新交警初步怀疑当事人酒后驾驶并涉嫌肇事逃逸。目前此案还在进一步调查中。相关的主题文章: