More than 20 yuan worth of property stolen alarm check the thief was actually a sister jcuv是什么车

More than 20 yuan worth of stolen property alarm, check the thief was pro sister, money strapped, no source of life. Cangnan, a woman wearing something so that the brother’s home 200 thousand belongings looted. Recently, absconding more than a year wearing Moumou was arrested by the Cangnan police. Last January 4th, Cangnan County Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade received a report in Jinxiang Town, said its home cash and gold and silver jewelry stolen, worth more than 20 million. After the alarm, the police immediately launched Mopai, through the investigation found that Dai’s sister wearing Moumou suspected of committing crimes. The pressure forced the police, wearing a night all the stolen proceeds back to his brother, but I have been not to surrender to the public security organs, but long fled the field, the Cangnan police online pursuit. November 5th, the police in Longgang, a district will be wearing Moumou captured. It is understood that 43 year old Dai Moumou usually work odd jobs, no savings. In the afternoon to return home, wearing a while no one at home, use a screwdriver to pry open the bedroom cabinet table, the cash and gold and silver jewelry all into her handbag. At present, the suspect wearing certain has been criminal detention in accordance with the law of Cangnan County Public Security bureau.

价值20余万元财物被盗 报警一查小偷竟是亲妹妹手头拮据,生活无来源。苍南一女子戴某某竟将哥哥家中20万财物洗劫一空。近日,潜逃一年多的戴某某被苍南警方抓获。去年1月4日,苍南县公安局刑侦大队接到金乡镇戴某报案,称其家中现金及金银首饰被盗,价值20余万。接警后,民警立即展开摸排,通过调查发现戴某的妹妹戴某某有作案嫌疑。迫于警方的压力,戴某某当晚把全部盗窃所得还给哥哥,但本人一直未到公安机关投案自首,反而长期潜逃外地,苍南警方将其进行上网追逃。11月5日,民警在龙港某小区将戴某某抓获。据了解,43岁的戴某某平常打点零工,无积蓄。当天下午回娘家,戴某某趁家里没人,利用螺丝刀撬开卧室的桌柜,将现金及金银首饰全部装进自己的手提包里。目前,犯罪嫌疑人戴某某已被苍南县公安局依法刑事拘留。相关的主题文章: