Zero rent zero property fee Nanchang built more than 3000 square meters college studen 月丘うさぎ

Zero rent property costs zero     Nanchang built more than 3000 square meters of entrepreneurial talent free apartment – Jiangxi Channel – October 14 Nanchang Xinhua (Shi Yu) in Nanchang blessed young entrepreneurs, 14, Ben from Nanchang City People Club Bureau was informed that the entrepreneurial talent apartment building area of 3000 square the meter is built, electricity supplier entrepreneurs can be directly admitted, not only rent free free property fee, this move will allow young entrepreneurs to have more thoughts on entrepreneurship. According to the Nanchang Municipal People’s social sector, in May this year, Nanchang college students e-commerce incubator base electricity supplier apartments officially launched, the project aims to settle down the base of entrepreneurs to solve the housing problem, to solve the worries of entrepreneurship. In September this year, the first phase of the project talent apartment 80 houses have been used, the construction area of 3000 square meters, a total investment of 25 million yuan, to meet the 250 electricity supplier entrepreneurial talent living. A talent apartment is divided into two rooms 90 square meters, three rooms 120 square meters, duplex building 250 square meters of three kinds of units, are equipped with basic appliances (air conditioning, high and low beds, wardrobe, tables and chairs, water heaters), zero rent, zero property costs, electricity providers entrepreneurs can be directly admitted. It is learnt that the apartment provides priority to the incubation base settled enterprises, the entrepreneurial team to submit the application to the base service center, the base according to the electricity supplier talent apartment listings, comprehensive talent level, practical contribution, the introduction of time and other factors to implement the allocation. "Nanchang city construction of e-commerce incubator business incubator base talent apartments, the purpose is to settle in the base of college students to solve the problem of living." Nanchang City People Club department responsible person, to solve the entrepreneurship of college students in Nanchang city to menace from the rear, the electronic commerce business incubator base to build new factories into entrepreneurial dreams entrepreneurs, warm home, let entrepreneurs devote and rooted in Nanchang e-commerce e-commerce industry in the fertile soil, tothrive. (commissioning editor Lorna and Mao Siyuan) 零租金 零物业费 南昌建3000多平米大学生创业人才免费公寓–江西频道–人民网 人民网南昌10月14日电(时雨)在南昌创业的年轻人有福了,14日,本网从南昌市人社局获悉,建设面积达3000平方米的大学生创业人才公寓建成了,电商创业者可直接入住,不仅免租金还免物业费,这项举措可以让年轻的创业者能有更多的心思放在创业方面。 据南昌市人社部门介绍,今年5月,南昌市大学生电子商务创业孵化基地电商人才公寓正式立项,该项目旨在为入驻基地的创业者们解决居住问题,解决创业的后顾之忧。今年9月,该项目一期人才公寓的80间房源已交付使用,建设面积达3000平方米,累计投资2500万元,可满足250位电商创业人才居住。一期人才公寓分为两房90平方米、三房120平方米、复式楼250平方米三种户型,均配备基础家电(空调、高低床、衣柜、桌椅、热水器),零租金,零物业费,电商创业者可直接入住。 据悉,公寓优先提供孵化基地的入驻企业,创业团队向基地服务中心提交申请后,由基地根据电商人才公寓的房源情况,综合人才层次、实际贡献、引进时间等因素实行分配。 “南昌市建设大学生电子商务创业孵化基地电商人才公寓,目的是为入驻基地的大学生创业者们解决居住问题。”南昌市人社部门负责人介绍,解决创业的后顾之忧,把南昌市大学生电子商务创业孵化基地打造成创业梦想的新工厂,创业者的温馨家园,让创业者全身心投入并扎根于南昌电子商务沃土,在电子商务行业闯出一片天。 (责编:罗娜、毛思远)相关的主题文章: