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21 representatives of the subway fare only 1 people involved in hearing clearly against the price reading: Western news (reporter Peng Fen) tomorrow (September 22nd) at 9 in the morning, the Xi’an subway ticket price adjustment hearing will be held by the Xi’an municipal government. The main points of the hearing program is intended to be adjusted for the current interval of the fare system to adjust the mileage ticket system, the 21 hearing participants will be on the hearing proposal and suggestions. By then, the western network will be full attention. Intends to adjust the range of the valuation of the valuation of the two programs proposed by the western network reporter was informed that the hearing proposed the program of the two. A starting price is 2 yuan (including 6 kilometers, the same below), an increase of 1 yuan each, can continue to take 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6 km. That is 0-6 km 2 yuan; 6-10 km of 3 yuan; 10-14 km of 4 yuan; 14-19 km of 5 yuan; 19-24 km of 6 yuan; an increase of more than 24 km of more than 1 yuan per additional $6. Program two: starting price of $6 per kilometer, an additional $1, can continue to take 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6 km. That is 0-6 km 2 yuan 6-9 km yuan 9-12 km 4 yuan 12-16 km 5 yuan 16-20 km 6 yuan 20-25 km 7 yuan 25-30 km 8 yuan more than 30 km per additional increase of 1 yuan. Consumer participants and spectators who were randomly selected from the participants in the hearing by the list is as follows: the consumer: Zhang Shihao (Xi’an Haoda Industrial Co Ltd, the Municipal People’s Congress), Wang Yong (Xi’an Jin Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. chairman, director of the Xi’an mood enterprises limited length, member of the CPPCC National Committee), Zhao Yingnian (Shaanxi provincial Procuratorate of retired cadres), Wang Gang (Shaanxi Province Construction Engineering Corporation), Wang Gaopeng (j.i.c. Polytron Technologies Inc), Lu Yongsu (Xi’an Bo Cheng ads culture communication limited liability company), Liu Xiaopeng (Xi’an sunny electronic technology limited company), Liu Jing (individual), Li Gang (Shanghai Australia sent information technology Co., Ltd. Xi’an branch, Shaanxi province (Yang Jing) the Statistics Bureau) and traffic (Architectural Design and Research Institute of Xi’an University Of Architecture And Technology). Experts and scholars: Gao Quancheng (Xi’an Institute of Finance and Economics), (Chang’an University). Operator: Dong Hongjie (Xi’an subway Co., Ltd.), and (Xi’an subway Co., Ltd.). Interested parties: Liu Lanfu (Xi’an Taxi Management Office), Wang Qiang (Xi’an Public Transport Corporation). Relevant government departments and social organizations: Wang Hongbiao (city development and Reform Commission), Liu Jie (City Finance Bureau), the city of transportation (the Bureau of transportation), the city of consumers (the association of consumers) (the city of China), the city of the State Council of the people’s Republic of China (). Note: video only for extended reading. Xi’an subway ticket hearing program exposure相关的主题文章: