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In Miaoli staged Jurassic dinosaur cute suction eye (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, September 12, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Taiwan Miaoli court in the town of rush Culture Museum by paddy painting demonstration field area, this year to paddy painting "Jurassic Park" dinosaur pattern has been formed, the main attraction many tourists come to watch and take pictures, can be expected to watch until mid November. Yuan Li painted town peasant rice team, this year with "Jurassic Park" as the theme, with purple, yellow, white, green, 4 colors of rice planting, a painting and a Stegosaurus and Brontosaurus pterodactyl pattern, with 2 lovely farmland big dinosaur pattern for the spindle, with purple color composition of small dinosaurs, pterosaurs rice, and the outbreak of the volcano, with seedlings increasingly clear. Yuan town farmers general Liu Changxuan said that the previous rice painting are dominated by the 12 zodiac pattern, last year to the "Panda" pattern, the outside world reflects the very good, then the animal painting pattern this year, with the movie Jurassic Park theme, to paint a dinosaur pattern, a mobile phone game "treasure dream" boom. The color pattern in the field of rice clearly emerged, attract large crowds to watch. Liu Changxuan said that the network has asked "paddy painting area" in the end a few dinosaur, there are a lot of tourists around in the viewing platform, according to the figure painting art design association, the answer is only 7, interested people can find. Yesterday (11 days) week off holiday, attracting many tourists boarded the rice field painted area next to the 10 meter high viewing platform, watch the vivid dinosaur patterns.相关的主题文章: