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"Mother Loser" immigration enlightenment: Children’s education and employment it is equally important – Beijing, Beijing, September 14, recently, a "mother loser" farewell letter "farewell to Shanghai" by major media attention. The mother in custody to divorce her husband derailment, after they found in the parent-child education owes much more to buy the school district room, under the dual pressures in the economy and the spirit, she eventually chose immigrants in britain. The article has won many friends on her behind, praising loser mother’s brave life winner. At the same time, property and education topics once again attract attention. Real estate for the school district room, real study abroad, overdraft family wealth, immigrant father and mother loser style Exodus seems to be turning into middle-income people. Educated, between the ages of 30 to 40 years, five years or above working experience, have a stable income, fixed assets, cash and car, which is the broad sense of the middle tag, see backbone of their social development in terms of economic status or social and cultural status. However, the reality is that the rapid development of society and economy, while children’s education and pension and asset shrinkage and even family relations and other issues have increased the pressure of life. And this situation is sometimes they do not want to compromise. At the same time, anxiety and worry, foreign quality education, healthy environment, safe food, standardized laws, have a great attraction for them. Since you can not change the environment, at least you can choose the environment, so immigrants have become an important option for those who have the ability. "Immigrant father" and "mother loser" has caused concern, one is a reality, reveal the most people’s hardships, the two is in this "helpless" after the solution, let a person feel dense willow trees and bright flowers. A lot of people may not be aware of the option of immigration, or overestimate the cost and price of immigrants, and underestimate the value and return of immigrants. According to the well-known overseas Chinese immigrants immigration data, the current immigration first, after studying in the middle class family is a more common choice. Loser mother chose Britain for example, if you choose the students first, or face the problems facing young students, or university quota restriction, fierce competition. If parents choose to immigration, young children can enjoy free public education in the UK, both in educational system and idea, mode and level are better than domestic; apply for university can also get rid of the limit of the number of international students apply to the right school success rate will naturally be higher. Immigration services in innovation, and it can cause, to some extent can be seen, in addition to the price for immigration and immigration, how to cause unity, one of the immigrants is a hot concern. According to the national immigration bill and a survey on immigration agencies found that for the middle group had accepted higher education this feature, and hope to master English immigrants can not influence the job or income, has formed a tendency of "study" and "move". In this trend, the introduction of overseas Chinese immigrants to the United Kingdom to send employment services. This not only helps.相关的主题文章: