Color feast with oppo color with run- technology Sohu 音羽かなで

Color feast with OPPO Color with Run- technology Sohu in the morning of September 24th, worldwide The Run color Color run in Shanghai Senlan park officially opened. The young fashion brand OPPO The Color intelligent mobile phone and Run together, in the "tropical storm" theme, for creative and interactive fresh and fun, bring a colorful summer party of Shanghai, led the young man with OPPO, out of interest, play out, shoot color! Colorful and creative enjoy hi camwhoring not Baipao as "the most happy earth 5 km run, pure running is not the theme, and mutual blessing, self dusting powder is a serious matter! OPPO mobile phone has prepared two exclusive color station to participate in the activities of the young people, an ample supply of all kinds of cool color powder and self interesting background device, so that each participant can enjoy and enjoy, take! There is a super popular camera phone, said the OPPO R9 phone, but also at the scene to become a number of self timer essential equipment. OPPO experience in the region, OPPO small Europe also waiting for a long time, led the participants to experience a variety of fresh and fun photographs of the scene, and friends, enjoy the colorful color fun run, fixed under the colorful "beauty for a moment". The "green network Xiao’ou" love funny interactive non-stop as the The Color Run ShangHai Railway Station chief partner OPPO small dolls in Europe also as the embodiment of the "green network small Europe", by virtue of the image and "silly adorable Bitch love funny interaction, become the focus of attention seeking audience. Whether the starting station warm-up, bubble station synchronized swimming, or roll kiss and hug whenever and wherever possible, the selling law successfully captures the presence of adorable young people, seems to be the color run activities mascot. When the crowd rushed through the end point, the little green also jumped on the stage of end point of dynamic hip-hop performances, in a wave wave and scattering in the carnival atmosphere to a climax. Young to play together to create a The Color Run million songs on the main stage performances, in addition to a small European foolish adorable dance, OPPO also invited the popular jazz singing combination "Mr.Miss" OPPO The Color Run exclusive creation song: "the charge for 5 minutes, looking for someone to call 2 hours". Mr.Miss has launched the public to raise 1001 worry "activities in the Lok Tong platform, making creative MV, caused a great resonance among young people. This is the first OPPO in this The Color Run song MV production made a "pioneering work" — invited the scene of young people to participate in this song MV shooting, hope for the splendid moment and sincere smile, will pass The Color Run the spirit of happiness and sunshine to more young people. The MV will meet with you on September 26th. The Color Run with a fun form of attracting the most young state.相关的主题文章: