Full attention! Transit tour game won the most influential enterprises R & D three wing Award caxa实体设计

Full attention! Transit tour game won the most influential R & D enterprises three Jin Yijiang Sina game news   September 15th, sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Cultural Bureau, 2016 China animation game award Beijing animation and game industry alliance hosted the awards ceremony, the way tour game won three gold wing award, was awarded the 2016 annual most influential research the enterprise title, "landlords", "transit tour box major combat" were selected as the 2016 most popular mobile phone games and 2016 of the year’s most anticipated mobile phone game. In this way, tour game also has officially become the State General Administration of sports management center, chess strategic partners, and obtain a "competitive two hit a national championship for awarding. Animation Beijing is the highest level in North China, the most influential, the most professional animation game class integrated activities, with its fair and authoritative assessment of the attitude of the players to win the trust. The way to the famous tour game in the more than and 200 media, tens of thousands of users to vote and preliminaries, the knockout qualifying process, under the official chrysopterus award, visible company’s top R & D strength and quality of mobile strategy has been recognized by the industry. As the two hundred million chess room, "transit tour landlord" by the majority of the game player favorite game, but also inherited the China sports culture, let the game player who feel more joy in the experience of sports. As the most anticipated 2016 years of mobile games, the big box is also competitive, confrontation as the core gameplay, and strive to bring more fun for players. Transit tour game chess in addition to the core business, in other types of games also have a strong R & D strength, starting from July this year, the 3DMMO Mobile Games "eternal" this award of sports and leisure Mobile Games "big box battle", reflects the way you accumulate in the gaming industry and focus on quality products strategy. The future road tour game will also rely on their own strong R & D strength and more accurate strength of the issue, for all the love they launch more chess game player masterpieces, create more brilliant, we will wait and see. Sina’s statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: