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Hareon false statement case investors continue to collect the winning lawyer investors claim hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Securities Times net (09) month 29 days in October 23, 2015, Hareon announced that due to release in January 23, 2015 ten to send twenty plans gaosongzhuan misleading statements, the original shareholders ratio reduction fails to disclose, the original shareholders engaged in short-term trading in Jiangsu Securities Regulatory Bureau received administrative punishment decision and supervision measures. The punishment after the announcement, Zhejiang Yufeng Law Firm lawyer Li took the lead agency dozens of investors claim to the Nanjing court, March 2016 part of the plaintiff and the outsider settlement compensation agreement, successfully awarded 1 million 210 thousand yuan. Since then, Hareon proposed jurisdiction objection to the rest of the case, the Nanjing intermediate people’s court, the Supreme Court of Jiangsu has dismissed the objection to jurisdiction, the Nanjing intermediate people’s court has arranged for the first time in September 29th after the hearing, the trial verdict, the case will be expected to follow the partial decision. In September 29th,.E, the Securities Times reporter was informed that the Li Jian lawyer in September 29th received the Nanjing intermediate people’s court verdict, Chen investors v. Hareon misrepresentation case in favor of first instance judgment, the amount of compensation 79852.14 yuan, accounting for about 80% of the amount charged. The latest judgment shows that investors Chen in the period from January 23, 2015 to February 13th, partial Hareon buying 50300 shares, while selling 20000 shares, and in February 14th after the start to sell the remaining shares, Mr. Chen prosecution claims amounting to 100229.37 yuan (including investment losses, commissions, stamp tax, loss of interest), the court of first instance no Hareon within ten days of compensation for the loss of 79852.14 yuan chen. Li lawyers said that the Nanjing intermediate people’s Court of first instance judgment greatly inspired the confidence of investors rights according to the law, although Hareon nine out of ten will appeal, but the second sentence is very unlikely, yet remind shareholders sued time to participate, do not miss the opportunity to claim. Announcement: as of July 2016, there were 519 people charged Hareon, claims amounting to approximately 123 million yuan, of which 107 have reconciliation withdrawal. Hareon 127 thousand shareholders at the time, the vast majority of investors are still waiting, has not yet been prosecuted. Now the first instance verdict, is expected to claim the number and amount will be further expanded. We are continuing to collect investor claims to remind qualified investors to participate in a timely manner, do not miss the opportunity to claim." Li Jian lawyer suggested that claim: Hareon buying in the period from January 23, 2015 to February 13, 2015, and sell or continue to hold shares in February 14, 2015 after investors can claim. Special remind, if continue to hold shares in March 5, 2015, even if the current account surplus, the difference can also claim buying price and the benchmark price of 7.81 yuan shares. Li Jian lawyer reminded investors, cable theory相关的主题文章: