Valuation has reached $9 billion! Online payment company stripe $150 million financing 追踪309

Valuation has reached $9 billion! Online payment company Stripe re $150 million financing, according to CNBC reports, the U.S. online payment company Stripe has successfully raised $150 million in a round of financing. Currently the company’s valuation has reached $9 billion, much higher than last year’s $5 billion. According to reports, this round of financing by Alphabet’s venture capital sector CapitalG joint Vc firm General Catalyst lead. So far, Stripe has raised more than $400 million in funding. Stripe founder for Patrick and John Collison. Stripe through the API interface, polymerization site and App different payment tools to provide users with a quick payment. Stripe users in 110 countries, in recent months began to enter the Asian market. Stripe’s competitors are PayPal and other mature payment platforms. Currently the valuation of Stripe is two times the market value of mobile payment company Square a year ago. It is reported that since 2015, Square shares have been stagnant after listing. Stripe said that the financing will be mainly used to expand the above functions, to provide more tools for developers, business and other services, to help entrepreneurs to better complete the transaction, but also will be used to expand the company team.相关的主题文章: