Please follow me to the Royal Shakespeare theatre in London for 400 years of the resurrection of the 捷安特xtc750

Please follow me to the Royal Shakespeare theatre in London to see 400 years of the revival of the spirit of the Sohu – Science and technology like stage literature, I believe that the classic repertoire of the "storm" is certainly not unfamiliar to the people of. "Storm" is Shakespeare’s last completed last romance. Compared with the previous works of Shakespeare’s plays, he has added a lot of worldly evils to his later plays. The play by Prospero and "main melody", brother Antonio usurped the title and the king to set up his own brother, use unscrupulous divisive tactics, forcing Prospero and her daughter drift to an island, so he studied magic, eventually can summon wind and call for rain. A storm after he used magic to arouse the brother and the king’s ship overturned, and overcome them, restore their title. Half of the play myth, half true, to explore the multi layers of human life – the right to revenge, love, affection and friendship. "Tempest" is almost always in the list of all the works of Shakespeare, and it is always the first glory. It is the most comprehensive and complete comedy of Shakespeare’s humanitarian ideal, which is regarded as the best part of English literature. This masterpiece has a mysterious magic fairy tale fantasy and the legendary change unpredictably, full of color. If you turn it into a movie works, I believe that with the specific level now, can make the island elves magic glow amazing true to life, let the glory and bring you into the real world. But it is not an easy thing to present to the audience on the traditional stage. Therefore "storm" has been impressive drama, it combines arts and technology to perfect. Over the years, in order to satisfy people’s imagination of this work, it has been used a lot, in the most advanced stage of technology, such as hanger, pulley, elevator, smoke machine, fireworks and laser, have made great contributions to the stage effect! But how to break the limitation of the stage of imagination, in the traditional performing on the stage more cool vivid and fascinating? RSC (Royal Shakespeare Theatre) is one of the most influential troupes in the UK, and is also one of the largest and highest performing troupes in the world. This year, the death of Shakespeare on the occasion of 400 years, the Royal Shakespeare company in cooperation with Intel, teamed up to create a comparable to large Vu drama "storm". In the open play before the ticket has reached 70%, the result is so good, that people are looking forward to the Ministry of science and technology and the integration of drama stage. What are the unexpected technology? In order to better show the magic of the show to everyone, Intel uses the latest digital technology will be infinitely close to its perfect interpretation. Gregory Shakespeare, the artistic director of the Royal Doran, says it will bring some of the advanced technology into the traditional repertoire to bring a unique experience to the audience in twenty-first Century. This year, for the first time, the soul of the Tempest "Ariel" will be reshaped on stage. Different from the film art and large video games, all the pictures are dependent on the late"相关的主题文章: