Third express delivery charges or not decided by the enterprises of Nanjing capital rules is difficu 下北glory days

Third express delivery charges or not decided by the enterprises of Nanjing capital rules is difficult to implement – Beijing, Beijing, August 25 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Shen ran) 25, the reporter from the Nanjing Post Bureau was informed that the "Regulations", Nanjing post will be officially implemented in September 1st. For which triggered national attention "express delivery charges third times", according to the relevant person in charge explained, is not mandatory, only was the right to choose the legislative level to the courier company, may not be quick to implement. At the end of July this year, Jiangsu Province, the twelve session of the twenty-fourth meeting of the Standing Committee examined and approved the "Nanjing postal regulations", one of the country’s first local laws and regulations triggered public concern. According to the "Regulations" provisions: because the recipient or agent, express the unsuccessful two deliveries will continue door-to-door delivery, the courier can receive an additional cost. In view of the "Regulations" will be officially implemented on 1 next month, Nanjing Postal Administration held regulations Xuanguan today, the city of more than 100 logistics companies are responsible for the participants learn the new "regulations". The participants of the express Nanjing Wen Bing responsible for said, courier companies are very supportive of the "charges" third deliveries of this provision, at least let the recipient can choose either a delivery fees, or to express your own distribution point charge." However, deputy director of the Nanjing postal authority Jiang Bo explained to reporters, the implementation of this provision and toll pricing to the market, by the enterprises themselves, but the charge standards and procedures must be reported to the postal administrative departments for the record. In this regard, courier companies have expressed hesitation. "The National Branch of the company, have not done such charges, the company may not know how to implement." Wang Fang frankly, or will first look at the practice of other companies. In fact, the barbaric growth and fierce competition in the courier industry, so that companies do not increase the space, as long as we fare, consumers can choose not to increase the price of the company." A local courier companies in Nanjing, the person in charge bluntly. The law is useless, can not be implemented? Or market decisions, their own choice? Nanjing, the new "Regulations" of the "stones" show, with the express industry from new things to life do must be "service", some norms and regulations still need time and case to fill vacancy". (end)相关的主题文章: