Apple’s acquisition of Australian technology companies with new MacBook or dynamic keyboard 小坂めぐる

Apple acquired the Australian company of science and technology with the new Macbook or dynamic keyboard in Reddit according to friends broke the news, Apple Corp is preparing for the acquisition of an Australian technology company Sonder, the company’s newly developed a character variable Sonder Keyboard keyboard. It is said that the keyboard is equipped with a button inside each of a small electronic ink screen, according to the current operation of the program to switch the key character. According to another Foxconn executives broke the news, in fact, Sonder has been acquired by apple, the current transaction is underway. Prior to this, as the Foxconn group’s injection of enterprises, Sonder Keyboard keyboard has been in Foxconn – Tsinghua University jointly organized a high-tech product exhibition has been demonstrated. Sonder in the official website description said: "the Sonder Keyboard keyboard is a set of performance and design of a product, we from the inside to the outside of carefully designed every detail, the final presentation in front of everyone’s first is a forward-looking electronic keyboard, each of its key cap is transparent the application with real-time customization. In addition, the more important point is that it is a perfect work of art." According to previous exposure of the news, Apple Corp are likely to be held in the new Macbook Pro recent product launches, the biggest highlight of the product is OLED touch strip above the keyboard, it can display the virtual function keys, but also there is light and cool application support. There are also rumors that this OLED touch bar may not be the only highlight of the new Macbook Pro. Apple is also working on a new Magic Keyboard keyboard, the biggest feature is equipped with electronic ink keys, the user can according to the specific application key results are free to customize the keyboard, but it is still at an early stage. This product description and the exposure of the Sonder keyboard keyboard is very similar, it may refer to Apple’s acquisition of Sonder company. However, how the real situation, but also to wait until the new Macbook Pro officially released that day.相关的主题文章: