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China rocket launch success rate is higher than the United States and Russia? Science and technology – People’s network original title: gray September 1st: space rocket explosion cited concern about the first day of September, the human aerospace industry, is bound to be a gray day. The Internet has spread two space launch failure message, one of the United States will soon be officially confirmed: the rocket exploded. According to the evening of September 1st NASA (NASA) news, the U.S. private Aerospace Corp (SpaceX) SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, the explosion occurred in Florida, Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in the test, the loading of the Israeli company SCC Amos 6 communications satellite was destroyed at the same time. This is not the history of human space launch the first defeat, but it is very rare out of the launch failure of the explosion spread through the Internet video, causing a small whirlwind, "shock" "shock" "worried", let the original launch a certain threshold high cold event, once again into the public eye. The launch failure which involves SpaceX eilon musk, and at the helm? Facebook and founder of Zuckerberg and other concern science and technology enterprises, star entrepreneurs, to the field of public opinion hot on the foot of the material. There may be a "low-level error" caused by the failure of the launch, fortunately, no casualties in the accident. After the explosion, people are most concerned about the question of why the explosion". In fact, SpaceX is also the first time given the cause of the explosion caused by the initial cause of the problem in the filling operation of propellant. Elon Musk? In a posting on the social networking site called "Falcon 9" is in operation when the accident of propellant filling. Cause should be above the rocket oxygen tank failure, but the specific cause is still unclear. We will find out the reason as soon as possible." In an Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online interview with reporters, Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Group Five researcher Pang Zhihao said, resulting in failure of the fault system of emission in the power system for the first place; the second is to control the system; then is the structure of the system. The Falcon 9 explosion occurred in the rocket fuel injection time, which is rare in the rocket failure, may be due to "mistakes", which belongs to the power system or the control system failure. Pang Zhihao speculated that there are several possibilities: one is the oxygen tank pressure is too large. He said that the rocket explosion is from the rocket two oxygen tank filling fuel began to appear abnormal. Last June the Falcon 9 launch explosion, because two oxygen tank helium gas cylinder bracket strength is not enough, after the breaking of the helium leak, oxygen tank pressure, oxygen tank tear, causing the explosion. The explosion is likely to repeat. Second, it is likely that the low-level error, that is, the program control error. Pang Zhihao speculated that this should start the test level, the start of the two procedures, two stage ignition, but the system is non tethered off state contain, fly not go only then caused a level of explosion, explosion. He said that any misuse and confusion may result in two levels of ignition. The third possibility is the defects in the production process. Pang Pang think,)相关的主题文章: