Forget Ge You it has been popular since the fashion circle lay playfully sitting in baguio 乃々果花

Forget Ge You it has been popular since the fashion circle lay playfully "Baguio sitting" lead: remember the early days of popular Ge You lay and derived Beijing paralysis, Ge uncle so comfortable sitting posture do you learn? Now, Ge You has been lying out, Zhao Liying’s lady brought "Baguio Baguio sit" to replace Ge You pose lay become the most popular this year. (Editor: @philtre) ge uncle Beijing paralysis have you learned before Ge You was after Zhao Liying played in Baguio sit, "Zhi" in Qingyun playfully Miss Baguio, in addition to a small round face and thick bangs look very adorable, of her own invention the Baguio sit is enough to grab a mirror, and now more and more have been playing the bad trend. By playing the bad "Baguio sit to be playing bad" sit Baguio "in order to put the big miss act more like, Zhao Liying invented this playfully" Baguio sit ", to understand this posture, first crossing your arms in the chest, or legs slightly straight, one leg resting on the top. Anyway, hand can put feet playfully chaos, can not be broken! This "sit Baguio right" demonstration "Zhao Liying but the Baguio sit from Miss pose exclusive already in fashion circles popular, how could the female stars pass so playfully posture! Fan Ye demonstration of two forms of "Liu Shishi" Baguio Baguio sit "sit" slightly playfully fairy sister playfully "Beckham" Baguio Baguio sit sit is very proud of her and Zhao Liying himself was "in" old nine door "Baguio sit for a while, Miss understand the full range of children. Zhao Liying in the "old nine door" in the "sit Baguio" to say "why love female stars in this position, Baguio sit cross legged or explicit aura, or stretch showing slender leg line, to find the angle photographer can shoot long legs, you see Fan Ye and bud Ya – Saidu was notoriously fat star, it is also slender legs appear charming. Lea Seydoux also love Chinese "sit Baguio" however, not only is the female star, also want a male star playfully. Li Yifeng standard "Baguio sit" Li Yifeng hands cross also derived from "Yan Yikuan" Baguio Baguio lying "sit" Qiao Zhenyu fans "but now Baguio sitting" in addition to "sit Baguio" is very popular, in fact, not long ago, Beckham also created a hand with the fancy show legs pose swept the entire fashion circle — type high leg, many stars are so put love idle supermodel! Beckham wiping nail relaxing high leg Berlusconi authentic high leg shortly before Liu Wen was lying on the ground to do the high leg movements, straight legs and real spotlight. Liu Wen Cara Delevingne in the high leg magazine show in a high leg, but she had a hand grabbed the shoes a hand clutching the hair, may look like this can lift a leg higher. Cara Delevingne demonstration "Berlusconi high leg" funny supermodel Cara pose, the golden girl will almost mean.相关的主题文章: