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Rail freight reform played a combination of boxing ": "   improve logistics efficiency; reduce logistics costs — Chinese central enterprises News Network — the authority released the central enterprises, the SASAC, local state-owned enterprises to the latest news, people.com.cn original title: Railway Freight reform played a combination of boxing: " " improve logistics efficiency, reduce logistics costs in August 30th. Lanzhou Lanzhou Railway Bureau Freight Center staff on duty Posts bid farewell to Yue Lan, happily married into the "oil Petrochemical Industries Co of Lanzhou new home" –. Our task is to understand the enterprise production plan, sales plan, master the logistics needs of enterprises, the proportion of transport modes, transport time, price requirements, etc.." After marrying into the enterprise, Yue LAN quickly adapted to the new identity, we reduce the cost of logistics enterprises, improve logistics efficiency as the goal, to help enterprises to develop and optimize the logistics and transport programs". On the same day, there are 210 and the same as the staff of the Lanzhou Railway Bureau, Gansu, Ningxia, the two provinces and autonomous regions of the 70 large and medium enterprises, the establishment of a railway in the enterprise service team. "The implementation of the dual leadership, administration and enterprises for their double assessment, break the distribution management system, according to the comprehensive evaluation of work performance, linked allocation, periodic evaluation of elimination." Lanzhou Railway Bureau Freight Management Chief Yang Yande said, enterprises in the service team not only to provide freight inquiry, project reporting, passing notes for the enterprise "one-stop" services, railway logistics solutions to help companies design personalized, achieve win-win enterprise, establish a new way of enterprises alliance. The railway freight professional service team in such a way that is stationed in the enterprise, the Lanzhou Railway Bureau to launch a new round of reform, accurate freight supply market launched "down to earth" the real one. In a series of brand operation, the successful implementation of the passenger train field of supply side reforms, Lanzhou Railway Bureau made a "freight train passenger train + brand construction of modern logistics park" and "combined", in order to provide the effective supply of railway transportation as a starting point, to meet and create market demand as the foothold, targeted crack transport the problem of supply. The morning of August 30th, 10, Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Jiayuguan three places at the same time out of the Lanzhou north to Urumqi, West Yinchuan area (dam) to Guangzhou, Jiayuguan to Shanghai 3 times "Western express freight train" brand, innovation point, freight passenger car brand. Deputy director of the Lanzhou Railway Bureau Freight Center in Lanzhou Malone told reporters that at present, Lanzhou Railway Bureau has formed a "train system bus" and "three long, third, a, a regional intercity freight train" brand series. In addition to the three times of "Western express train" brand, Lanzhou Railway Bureau also opened Yingshuiqiao to Tianshui, Yingshuiqiao to Yumen, Yingshuiqiao to Pingliang to benefit 3 times brand link train, and Lanzhou to the West and five intercity freight trains to Jiayuguan and Dingbian brand area "point-to-point" fast goods brand the train, implement fixed line operation, the loading, the next day arrival. According to the different needs of different enterprises on the transportation price, transportation time, transportation quality, transportation and other aspects of extension services, the Lanzhou Railway Bureau will also adopt a "one enterprise policy" approach to meet相关的主题文章: