Shen Yuncheng Zhao Lixin China relation enemies hated the Sohu for entertainment 音羽かなで

"Shen Yuncheng Zhao Lixin" China relation enemies hated – Sohu for entertainment Sohu Zhao Lixin stills entertainment news by Shen Yan, Liu Haibo, Ma Yili, Chen Jianbin co directed, Zhao Lixin, Hu He and other co starring realistic theme drama "Chinese relation" is the Beijing TV, Dragon TV hit. The drama "full acting online" the audience of "guanxi" Chinese waves of praise. The person who set up a corner of Shen Yun caused users satire become "public enemies", which starred Zhao Lixin is innocent, lamented: "thank you hated, but did not live up to the role of". TV drama "Chinese relationship" face the sea officialdom phenomena, analysis of human relations, tells the story of a nearly forty year system officials Ma Guoliang (Chen Jianbin ornaments) from the officialdom in karma, starting from zero through the work back to my story. The play, played by Zhao Lixin Shen shipped separately in love and career of Chen Jianbin as Ma Guoliang created a series of problems and difficulties, it can be said that Zhao Lixin is Chen Jianbin in the play before his family and career "terminator", but later half second to none "number one rival", this many users angry: "Shen Yun a shot, almost mad people, but also the audience with emotion:" hate that can be performed well, although very hate Shen Yun, but Zhao played to hate it". Along with the in-depth Swiss style deeply impressed the audience at Zhao Lixin, the "Chinese type relationship" is also a new attempt, the positive role is different from the mature, witty kind, which plays a Yinren, Shen Yun Ayutthaya deep, is a man’s teeth. Even the screenwriter Zhang Lei also said: "Shen Yun script is the most complicated and difficult to write characters, understanding and interpretation of a teacher Zhao moved and admiration"! The drama, Shen and Liu Lili set shipped this period of child heart feelings, also caused netizens on whether they can really go to the end, in this regard, screenwriter Zhang Lei also gives quite profound meaning to answer: "mistakes will be punished, but true love will be perfected". As for the final outcome of the two of them, please continue to focus on wonderful drama.   相关的主题文章: