Challenge gopro! Nikon launches three portable motion cameras (video) 魔界骑士イングリッド

Challenge GoPro! Nikon launched three portable The Verge Sports Camera Chinese station reported on September 20th Nikon just announced at photokina 360 KeyMission more details, and this is the 360 of a new camera Nikon released at the beginning of the CES. In addition, in addition to the KeyMission 360, Nikon also announced another two of the series of new products, which is like the GoPro support 4K video images of KeyMission 170 and KeyMission 80 camera motion camera life. Three KeyMission series of new cameras will be officially released in October, and this is the first Nikon launched a series of portable cameras. The first is priced at $499 (about 3325 yuan) of KeyMission 360, this product has made its debut at the beginning of the CES, but Nikon did not disclose more details, but said to be able to shoot 360 degrees 4K resolution video. But now we know more parameters of this new machine, including the 2 F aperture of 20 million pixel SMOS sensor, and compared with 10 million pixels of Samsung Gear 360, Nikon KeyMission 360 can take a better picture quality. Two weeks ago, we have seen a video demonstration of KeyMission 360, the effect is more clear than the Gear screen, the color is more rich than the same time, while the joint is not obvious in the 360 degree video 360. Therefore, from a comprehensive configuration point of view, KeyMission 360 more professional than Gear 360. At the same time, KeyMission 360 also supports 30 meters waterproof and anti fall of 2 meters, and can work at minus 10 degrees Celsius environment. Next is the price of $399 (about $2660) of KeyMission 170, it looks like GoPro’s Hero and some similar to the Silver, using a rounded rectangular body design and f2.8 aperture lens. At the same time, in the back of the KeyMission 170 is also equipped with a display, but does not support touch operation, and the need to rely on the physical buttons to set the next. At the same time, KeyMission 170 has the same name as a 170 degree wide-angle lens and a 8 million 300 thousand pixel CMOS sensor, and supports 4K HD video capture capabilities. In addition, like KeyMission 360, this KeyMission 170 also supports 30 meters waterproof, anti fall and 2 meters below the working environment of minus 10 degrees. Finally, the price of $279 (about 1860 yuan) KeyMission, which is a super mini ultra portable camera, and is equipped with front and rear two cameras. The front camera is equipped with a 12 million pixel CMOS sensor and f aperture and a 80 degree wide-angle lens, while the rear (2)相关的主题文章: