Winter weight loss method to create S curve 追踪309

Winter strong fat weight loss method to make the S curve to lead: winter weight loss, weight loss seems to have been all the time in the female topic, especially in winter, the climate is cold to eat a lot of people will be so fat in can’t help, imperceptibly in piling up! Do you know which winter weight loss method, the rapid weight loss in winter exactly how to do it? (source: PCLADY). One must eat breakfast, according to the survey, 1/3 of the workers do not eat breakfast, especially in the winter, the cold weather makes people do not want to wake up, sleep will miss the time to eat breakfast. However, in order to maintain the metabolism of the day, to avoid hunger and eat at noon, please be sure to eat breakfast. Small advice: fasting to eat jujube while the morning fasting state had 12 dates. Red dates have run cardiopulmonary, make up the five internal organs, government wasting effect, this morning to eat can prevent hair loss, but also can be cathartic beauty. When the gastrointestinal function is not good, it is suitable to eat red dates to improve the gain strength. Strategy two, dinner can be appropriate to have a weight loss of 40% choose not to eat dinner, because people will become worse in the evening gastrointestinal function, eat the heat is not easy to digest, it is easy to become fat hoard up. In fact, the diet will cause the body to form a protective mechanism, the accumulation of more fat in order to consume, so MM can be resolved before seven dinner, mainly nutrition. Small advice: diet food at night can be appropriate to eat porridge or lactic acid bacteria like, water to drink, drink too much water at night can cause edema. Raiders three, season of sweeping winter comes, many clothes need to be updated, put out short skirt pants jacket, then seize the opportunity to do sports, by the end of season sweep, took home clean, that is to do housework, and receive the slimming effect, well! Do you know? Clean the room every 60 minutes can consume 134 thousand calories, mopping the floor is able to consume 167 thousand and 500 calories, it captures four gut health 1, daily five Vegetable & Fruit: eat at least five or more fiber rich foods every day, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and other human beings, eat more vegetables are beneficial to improve the function of defecation celery, vegetables and fruits in apple are high fiber foods, can eat. 2, flowers and grass tea: natural and healthy tea, can increase gastrointestinal motility, diuretic laxative, so it can effectively improve constipation and edema oh! Raiders five, every day to walk for 30 minutes in the winter sun the most popular love, warm, take advantage of the good weather to walk out of the walk, greatly improve the metabolism, thin thigh hip curve is more perfect. Walking is generally recognized as the best weight loss exercise, three not to go down the road, fat, fat, light, five! Raiders six, winter tonic not overdo sth. prone to various diseases, many people will choose in the winter tonic, so as to increase the heat resistance to cold. Tonic but also want to have a degree, it will make you fat a further increase. We can choose some less fat, such as chicken and mushrooms, melon, dog meat and mutton and tofu etc.. In addition, the amount and number of supplements are not too much, lose weight MM can take tonic time to noon, and.相关的主题文章: