The Gigi sisters Qi battle want Versace sexy too careful play machine (video) carmex润唇膏

The Gigi sisters Qi battle want Versace sexy too careful play Milan local time on September 23rd, Versace released the 2017 spring and summer series. Milan fashion week 2017: asymmetric bias cut design sexy glamorous new season, Versace is still the continuation of the brand has always been calm and connotation, the top fabric, craft exquisite tailoring, solid color or color stitching, smooth line design, the color and the fabric blending, showing both original and perfect pure state, a quality of beauty. The scenery of the stage is also extremely deep, purple lights in the black screen scene, such as the stars in the night sky, and the blue T platform as if the night leading to the road far away. The show seems to be steady and joined the jump off color, let the work have a mysterious young strength, vitality, dynamic, very suitable for young girls, burst out of inspiration between tradition and innovation. Supermodel circles sisters Hadid and Gigi Bella Hadid Versace. [show] Versace analysis with its distinctive design style, unique beauty, strong pioneer art make it popular around the world, not only has the stage type ultra smooth realistic aesthetic feeling, and can fully consider wearing comfort and properly display size, this season is much more of a lot of things. Whether it is rain silk fabrics Gigi Hadid wearing a coat, a grand final or several models of the first out of the dress, rain silk fabrics is always throughout the show, great attention to the importance of fabric usage Versace this season with different color to explain this new fabric. Color stitching color Versace with techniques of color skill, can be color color mosaic to smooth curves, or strong geometric patterns together. Mature use of color skills, let you don’t realize the mosaic color to the visual impact, only to find one curvy design. The sudden bright tone if Versace style is steady low-key connotation, so this season, in addition, there is a mysterious force with younger. Adhere to the brand in the inner traditions, and try innovative style, so this season, we can see many bright colors beating works. The sexy sexy skin is not a large area of skin, but in the design of small sexy. Just as this season’s Versace, with a smooth curved overlap to create a hollow effect on clothing, but belongs to the youth show a sexy, young body exudes charm, is not the naked dew dew, but out of the ordinary. [this season] fine details of accessories are also perfectly suited to all elements of clothing are the main colors, blue and purple color, bright beating calm atmosphere, consistent with metal rivets rebellious, whole accessories are also in the interpretation of the Versace high-end fashion sense.相关的主题文章: