Erickson 3 major foreign aid lack of war Hengda this time to win Scolari (video)-霍金hawking

Erickson: 3 foreign aid Hengda the lack of war to win [Scolari] prospective Hulk PK constant mass star bodied to sweep haze Jianye defeat win the September 23rd Shanghai sports Tencent (the Li Xu) 2016 Super League season to launch a new round of competition, the port in Guangzhou Hengda home court. The Hong Kong coach Erickson said that although the three foreign aid card, El Eriksson and Jin Zhourong can not play, but he still hopes to win the dialogue with Scolari. Before the conference, coach Erickson introduced for the situation: "we are doing well, but unfortunately Jin Zhou Rong, Conca and aierkesen can play. But the rest of the team is full of hunger and the game is very important for both sides." Yan Junling was elected to a new phase of the national team, Erickson commented: "Gao Hongbo was delighted to make this choice, Yan Junling’s ability to fully deserve the national team, he is very young, great potential. To have 4 players in the national team training camp, the club is very happy." Erickson said every country full games, especially several Hong Kong International performance. Port coach Erickson this weekend at home to usher in Hengda home, after the second round of the game and the game will challenge Suning, to a certain extent, the performance of Hong Kong will decide the title of super champion this season. "Evergrande and Suning are two very good teams, and we want to win the game. The game is difficult, but tomorrow we have to try hard, we will play their own level." Erickson said, Hengda currently has 6 points, occupy the initiative, but it is not impossible to catch up. We are looking forward to tomorrow’s game." The week in the FA Cup, Suning and Hengda both qualify for the finals, means the League four can qualify for next season AFC Champions League. Erickson said now Hong Kong’s ranking is not insurance but there is a great opportunity to continue in the next year AFC Champions League. From the point of view, the following teams also have the opportunity to hope that through their own efforts to upgrade the ranking. The season’s goal is to enter the AFC Champions League League, now is still a lot of opportunities. Whether it is in the Super League or foreign coach, Erickson and Scolari’s direct confrontation has not won. In this regard, Erickson said with a smile: "I want to win every game, not for someone, but every game every coach." It is worth mentioning that, had the season Scolari will come to Hong Kong to replace Erickson media exposed under the rumors. Asked about this, Erickson replied: "this question should not ask me, but other people."相关的主题文章: