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Ancelotti: Schalke manufacturing great trouble: the rival coach 10 minutes after Ancelotti took office in four winning streak sina sports news in the morning of the second round of the Bundesliga, Bayern suffered the Schalke 04 stubborn resistance, but eventually beat his opponent 2-0 two game winning streak. Bayern coach Ancelotti said after the game, the game as he had imagined it difficult, 60 minutes before the two sides in the balance of power, but the Bayern late in the game to increase the strength and victory. In an interview, Ancelotti said: "we face a strong opponent, the game is generally difficult as expected, Schalke created a big trouble for us. Schalk played very well, 60 minutes before the game is very close. Then we improved the intensity and Lavon scored. It was a very intense game, both sides played well, Schalk played better in the first half, we were better in the second half." Lavon talked about how to keep the players at the rest of the day and wait for the opportunity, and the team finally did it. Lavon continued to break the game, but he wasted some good opportunities. After the game, Bayern No. 9 on sky sports, said: today, we have several times to grasp enough accuracy. We know that we must be patient, when the team came here to play when it’s not always easy, often at the end of the game is still deadlocked. It was a great game and we were happy that we could win." [Schalk] all predicted big data Bundesliga coach Weinzierl said: "we played well, only 10 minutes can spell points. We had one or two chances in the first half, and if we did, it could have been different. But in the face of Bayern you must be calm and efficient, and the defense is not to give them a chance." Although the game played well, but still encounter opening the new Bundesliga season Schalke two game losing streak, and not into a ball. In this regard, Weinzierl also reluctantly said: we can not give us anything on the scoreboard." (cloth Erie)相关的主题文章: