Hanzhoung, a cadre of breach of privilege 400 thousand yuan of bribery jailed for 5 years (video)-beef怎么读�

Hanzhoung, a cadre of breach of privilege 400 thousand yuan of bribery jailed for 5 years by former cadres today accidentally violated right into a criminal on the eve of national day, Yangxian County people’s Court of the Yangxian County people’s Procuratorate shall hear the prosecution of the accused Li Jianke of breach of privilege, bribery case open verdict, the defendant Li Jianke committed the crime of breach of privilege, sentenced to life imprisonment in three years and six months, the crime of accepting bribes the crime, sentenced in three years and three months, fined 200 thousand yuan, two crimes, decided to implement five years imprisonment, fined 200 thousand yuan. After the trial, the defendant Li Jianke before the incident, the staff of the Yangxian County economic and Trade Bureau, as the Yangxian County economic and Trade Bureau of technical security chief since 1998. Its responsibilities are as follows: guide and supervise resource conservation, energy conservation and emission reduction. From 2011 to 2012 the annual elimination of backward production capacity shut down by the Yangxian County economic and Trade Bureau is responsible for security technology. In 2011, Lu Jianhua learned that Chenggu County national policy after the closure of small businesses, repeatedly ask the defendant Li Jianke, asked to be already closed in 2006 for "Yangxian County Hualin chemical plant into the plan to shut down small businesses. After the defendant Li Jianke, the black box operation, will not meet the enterprise policy using false information reporting, which makes the enterprises taking the national subsidy 2 million 140 thousand yuan (which is not recovered). In the process of handling the matter, Lu Jianhua has to bribe the defendant 400 thousand yuan, the defendant Li Jianke were to accept the. In 2012, the people’s Government of the town of Yang State Economic and Trade Bureau of Yangxian County and relevant personnel contact for "Chengguan machine factory has opened in 1996". The defendant Li Jianke, knowing that the business has already closed in, still not review of false data submitted by the people’s Government in the town of Yang, the "Chengguan machine factory" reporting into plans to close 2012 small business of the year. The enterprises taking the national special funds 1 million 560 thousand yuan (which has returned). The court held that the defendant Li Jianke as state personnel, knowing that Yangxian County Hualin chemical plant, Yangxian County Chengguan machine factory has been shut down, does not meet the national small business grant funds to close, in violation of the provisions of national policy, not related to audit two enterprise application to the closure of small business data, two companies reported close the data, resulting in two enterprises were taking the state financial subsidies 2 million 140 thousand yuan, 1 million 560 thousand yuan, a total of 3 million 700 thousand yuan, if the circumstances are especially serious, the defendant Li Jianke’s behavior violated the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" the 397th regulation, constitute the crime of breach of privilege. The defendant Li Jianke in the handling of small enterprises in Yangxian County Hualin chemical plant closed in the process, the owners received Lu Jianhua sent 400 thousand yuan, a huge amount of behavior, the defendant Li Jianke has violated the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" the 385th regulation, constitute the crime of bribery. Therefore, the court in accordance with the relevant provisions of the criminal law of People’s Republic of China and the relevant judicial interpretations, combined with the defendant pleaded guilty to the attitude of Li Jianke made the above decision. After hearing the verdict, the defendant nearly sixty years Li Jianke had said the party and the The old man wept bitterly., unworthy of his people and culture, will be waiting for his five years in prison. Note: video only for extended reading. Anger相关的主题文章: