UEFA Champions League – Arsenal 2-0 Basel 4 winning streak tiger cubs open at two degrees (video)-headache怎么读�

The Champions League – Arsenal 2-0 Basel 4 straight tiger plum to open two degrees [collection] Arsenal 2-0 Basel 4 straight tiger scored two Walcott scored two of the Tencent in September 29th sports news Beijing standard time on September 29th morning, 2016-17 season in the Champions League second round of group A (data), Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium 2 to 0 victory over Basel. Get 4 wins in all competitions. Seventh and 26 minutes, Walcott scored two victory. Asennabenchangbi 4231 discharge formation, Sanchez riding front, Walcott and Ivo than the wings, Mesut Ozil Qianyao, granite and Cazorla Zacca double waist. The back of the line, Mustafi and partner Monreal Bellerin and defender koscielny, left and right, goalkeeper Ospina. It is worth noting that Basel’s ceramic Rand – Zaka also debut, Zaka brothers play together. Sixth minutes, iwobi and Sanchez make exquisite wall kicking with Mengleiyaer plug shot saved by goalkeeper. Seventh minutes, Cazorla road sent exquisite cross, Sanchez left rib offside after xiadichuanzhong, Walcott’s header hit 1 to 0 lead Basel arsenal. Fifteenth minutes, the Philippines progenitor left corner, Susie’s header wide of the right post outside. Eighteenth minutes, Balanta shot from plugging. Twenty-second minutes, Cazorla pass in the corner, Walcott nodded wide of the left post outside. Twenty-sixth minutes, Walcott makes the exquisite wall kicking with ribs on the right and Sanchez, then he shot into the restricted area, the ball hit the left post ball in 2 than in 0, Arsenal expanded the lead. Walcott scored 4 goals for the last time on the Gunners for the 3 time. Thirty-fourth minutes, Cazorla ball in the middle of the road, the left side of the restricted area of the shot was blocked by the goalkeeper Sanchez bottom line. After two minutes, Mustafi Road direct, Mesut Ozil broke into the restricted area shot just wide of the left post outside. Thirty-eighth minutes, Monreal cross, Sanchez restricted left offside after the door was goalkeeper, Walcott then shot was blocked. Forty-first minutes, Sanchez cross from the left to the point after, Mesut Ozil’s volley hit the side of the internet. Fifty-seventh minutes, iwobi left ribs poke straight into the restricted area, the ball slightly to the left post outside. Sixty-third minutes, Bea Nathan front of the restricted area shot by a single hand out of the beam Ospina. Sixty-sixth minutes, Spora shot wide of the right post outside. A minute later, Walcott restricted the right triangle to knock, Sanchez road outflank shot off the left post outside the unbelievable. The seventy-fourth minute, Monreal long-range hit fly. Eighty-sixth minutes, Sanchez with several people in the area after the front line is tripped, kick Arsenal won the excellent location, then Cazorla directly Leipzig ball is under the wall. In the end, Arsenal beat Basel 2 to 0. The data analysis of the game, Arsenal 19 attempts 7 shots and scored two goals, Basel 6 times 2 shots from leipzig. Arsenal’s possession rate of 65%, Basel only 35%. Lineup: A Senna (4-2-3-1): goalkeeper: 13 defender: No. 24, Bellerin, No. 20, Mustafi, No. 6, Kos相关的主题文章: