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Peach pear white: Zhang Yuqi why is easy to flash marriage constitution? Peach pear white: media columnist Ge Yiran, the original entertainment media, is committed to the attitude of entertainment. Public number: geyiran666. The Wu Shu Ling Qianyi     map from the network. Zhang Yuqi married again! As early as October 26th, the "All Star" first broke the first hand stolen pictures, Zhang Yuqi broke the news during the National Day in Shanghai is also a mystery man MiHui, house, and buy Bedding, intimate state. In the middle of the lunch break, Zhang Yuqi went straight to the door and announced that Princess Zhang Yuqi, miss Bella, had found her beast prince. And stressed: two single people, met ten days together, met seventy days of marriage. A portal burst, two people in the September 9th licensing. The same day, Zhang Yuqi also issued a document in micro-blog: "in September 9th, ninth day is a good day." Wedding photo, two people are very right. About the beast prince, known as Yuan Bayuan, is a doctor at Fudan University, CFA, has many years of experience in securities, fund. Shanghai is now the new general investment company, Shanghai sea Real Estate Co. Ltd. shares of supervisors, Limited by Share Ltd, is also the majority of industrial clothing Limited company, is the majority of the directors of the Cci Capital Ltd, general corporation. Two people in Shanghai to see the house, is a real estate Tomson, where a set of hardcover room, are the average price of 180 thousand. In a word, financial strength. In fact, this romance has long been revealed in Zhang Yuqi’s micro-blog. In August 2nd, Zhang Yuqi drying out two pictures on micro-blog, and with the text said: "Amour… (love) with a love. One of the photos, Zhang Yuqi and the mysterious man watching the sunrise side by side. However, there is no 12 hours, there have been reversed. Micro-blog users @ "sister Yue Yi" broke the news that Zhang Yuqi’s new husband had married, had a child. Popular studio Zhuo Wei also said publicly that Yuan Fuhao is indeed a wife and son, but Zhang Yuqi, did not publicly respond. In fact, Zhang Yuqi is a "flash marriage.". At that time, Zhang Yuqi just broke up with Wang Xiaofei. Wang Xiaofei on the 40 day and the large flash marriage: in November 16, 2010, Wang Xiaofei and Beijing s marriage registration, lavish wedding in Sanya in March 22, 2011. Unexpectedly, not half a month, in April 15th 0 Zhang Yuqi micro-blog blew me back! 8668 "with me and a right hand ring finger ring wear photos, then it was out of love on the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival director Quanan Wang, also drying out the 8.688 carat diamond ring. April 18th, two people in Xi’an to receive a marriage certificate announced marriage. Zhang Yuqi 4 days to complete the love exposure – engagement – marriage process. "When a woman should marry, the key is to see what kind of man she meets. If you meet the true love of the men, why should not carry on?" At that time, whether it is the open street whisper, or narrow the eyes of a smile,相关的主题文章: