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The three boxers Olympic Games for his bet one who dissent finger British boxer Anthony Fowler – sina sports news Beijing standard time on September 29th Agence France-Presse news, International Olympic Committee said Wednesday that the Rio Olympics three suspected of betting on war boxer raised serious condemnation, the three boxers were from Ireland and the United kingdom. According to International Olympic Committee, the three players suspected of violating the rules of the Rio games. Two of them were Irish, are lightweight player Michael Conran and heavyweight player Stephen Donnelly, another British athlete heavyweight athlete Anthony Fowler, he is also the former Liverpool and England famous football player Robbie – Fowler’s cousin. Anthony, before he was found were betting on their own games, which he lost a win, so not to win the money. Ireland’s Kang LAN at the Rio Olympics because of dissatisfaction with the middle finger and the penalties, at AIBA (the International Amateur Boxing Association) "all cheating". International Olympic Committee said in a statement: "all the days before the Olympic athletes are not allowed to bet the Olympic Games, and they have the duty to close any alleged match fixing and complaints." However, International Olympic Committee also said that the three players will not be severely punished, because there is no evidence that they manipulate the game". Of course, if the three athletes want to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, then we must prove that they have successfully completed the International Olympic Committee’s education program. In addition, the International Olympic Committee submitted to the court of the Olympic Games on the Irish and British National Olympic Committee condemned the reason is that they did not promptly and accurately inform the relevant regulations on gambling. Lion lion (lion lion)相关的主题文章: