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Ross reiterated not rape: didn’t do anything wrong naked extortion Le Soros faced allegations of sexual assault on sina sports news Beijing time on September 27th, according to the "bleachers sports" report, in Derek – Ross sexual assault case trial approaching, Losangeles police suddenly announced this case investigation. And prosecutors are different, the police asked the plaintiff to remain anonymous woman. In this regard, Ross reiterated his innocence in the media day. This summer to join Nicks Ross recently because of sexual assault case occurred in 2013, by the Losangeles police (LAPD) of the investigation. "White Bronco" Daniel Willie recently received a letter from LAPD, all of Ross has not been rumored "the police investigation is clarified". In addition, and prosecutors are different, the police asked the pseudonym Jane Doe plaintiffs to remain anonymous. In an interview on Monday, Ross admitted that he was only aware of the LAPD investigation, and reiterated: "those charges are not true, I will prove that they are innocent." Ross went on to say, "I don’t think I did anything wrong." He said he was "not worried" about any investigation, and if he had to be absent for some time, "that’s part of the investigation." It is reported that the Ross sexual assault case trial will be held on October 4th at the local time. Last August, a woman accused Ross together with 2 other people to their own medicine and implementation of the gang. To this end, she asked for a total of $21 million 500 thousand in compensation. In this regard, Ross has refused to plead guilty. They believe that the plaintiff’s real name has not been disclosed, and has not notified the parents that, "it is not with the rapes, but this is blatant blackmail and impose exactions on the plaintiff." It is reported that the federal judge in Losangeles has ordered the plaintiff shall not continue to hide the real name in the trial process. How Ross rapes will develop, the police can find out what the truth, see. (Chi Mei)相关的主题文章: