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Fire safety bureau of the Ministry of public security 15 teams supervise the Spring Festival Fire Safety Work (map) – Sohu news data: 4 am in December 17, 2015, Mount Longhu, Jiangxi scenic spot, Mount Longhu Town, a breakfast shop fire. Firemen rescued 19 people through the fire. In February 4,   according to the Ministry of Public Security Fire Department news website, the Spring Festival approaching, all kinds of festival activities frequently, household electrical exergy increased, prone factors of fire and a sharp rise. According to the fire safety situation is grim, the Ministry of public security fire department sent 15 working group led by the leadership of the Spring Festival, to supervise the fire security situation from February 4th to February 8th to go around. According to the introduction, the supervision work to take a clear look and unannounced visits, comprehensive understanding and focus on spot checks combined method, each province randomly check 2 crowded places, at the same time check some grass-roots brigade, duty squadron on duty preparation. Focus on the inspection of crowded places, festivals and other places of social fire prevention and control work and fireworks Emission Prevention and control measures implementation. New year’s Eve, the working group will further front-line troops, unified in the local fire safe night action. Beijing city will consist of 4 steering group covering the whole night out, check. According to reports, groups of inspectors will be in accordance with the "inspector who and who is responsible" principle, strictly implement the supervision responsibility, supervision and guidance throughout the timely discovery and in-depth analysis of the existing problems in the local fire safety work, resolutely eliminate safety hazards, to ensure fire safety during the spring festival. 公安部消防局15个组督导春节消防安保工作(图)-搜狐新闻   资料图:2015年12月17日凌晨4时许,江西省龙虎山景区龙虎山镇一早餐店发生火灾。消防员穿越火层救出19名群众。   中新网2月4日电  据公安部消防局网站消息,春节临近,各类节庆活动频繁,居民家庭用火用电增多,易致火灾因素急剧上升。针对较严峻的消防安全形势,公安部消防局派出15个由领导带队的工作组,自2月4日至2月8日分赴各地对春节消防安全保卫情况进行督导。  据介绍,此次督导工作采取明查与暗访、全面了解与重点抽查相结合的方法,每个省份随机抽查2家人员密集场所,同时抽查部分基层大队、执勤中队的执勤备战情况。重点检查人员密集场所、节庆活动场所等社会面火灾防控工作和烟花爆竹燃放的防控措施落实情况。除夕夜,各工作组将深入一线部队,统一参加当地消防平安夜查行动。北京市将由4个督导组全覆盖开展夜查、检查。  据介绍,督察组将按照“谁督察、谁负责”的原则,严格落实督察责任,指导督促各地及时发现并深入剖析当地消防安全工作中存在的问题,坚决消除安全隐患,确保春节期间的消防安全。相关的主题文章: