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CPS360 is strategically located in New Delhi, India and from there; we cater the clients sited across the seas. Time has never been the hindrance, as we work according to the client’s needs and working timings Thats why; we are proudly tagged as round the clock or 24×7. Consistently providing state-of-the-art products and services. Our services: Clipping Path Services, Raster to Vector Conversion, Image Masking and Photo Editing Services. We provide manual clipping path at a very affordable and reasonable price. ..clippingpathservice360.. is the best clipping path provider in our domain. We have State-of-the-Art offshore graphic studio providing clipping path from India. Photo Editing Services: include Photo Restoration, Photo Enhancement, Special Effects, Digital Hand Coloring and .position. Editing Digital Photo: This image editing process is used, when there is a need to make major changes in an image to revive or enhance its overall appearance. Photo Restoration is the process wherein the old photographs are restored and given a new look. There are mainly four variety of photo restoration depending the amount of decay and dust formation. Photo Enhancement involves color adjustments, background enhancement, colorization and image cropping. Image Cropping: Pictures are made pleasant by cropping unnecessary elements and also fortightening the image. Blemish Removal Technique: Spots, sunburns, cuts of the subjects in the picture are removed through photo retouching technique of photo enhancement service. The digital photo retouching includes facial, tooth retouching etc. Background Enhancement: The background of a picture is replaced with white and black color to giveimportance to the subject in the picture. Correction of Color: In this process, color is restored, while brightness and contrast of digital images are balanced. Digital Hand Coloring: This process of photo editing service involves three different kinds of services, which include light tinting wherein light shades are made in the picture. Full colorization involves full color of the photograph and in selective tinting certain areas of the subject or the object is colored. Coloring of Cartoons: Transform the dull black and white sketches into colorful vibrant images at Quality Web solutions. Enhance the appearance of a distorted photo by opting for photo retouching, photo enhancement, editing digital photo, photo restoration or photo editing services. Benefits of Outsourcing Image Clipping Path Service to CPS. :- LOW price, HIGH quality :- Skilled, trained and professional team :- Latest technology and software :- Quick turnaround time :- Cost-effective services :- Save on time, effort and resources :- High-end infrastructure :- 24 x7 online support :- Discount on Bulk images order :- Strict Quality Checking Process :- 67+ skilled editors We edit, retouch, manipulate images and always ready to deliver 100% handmade top quality clipping path services with maximum accuracy. Manual clipping can ensure greater quality than any automated process available in the market. Therefore, we offer manual or handmade Clipping Path service. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: