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Video-Streaming About 84% of the people who use internet online video. This trend indicates that videos contribute to .petitive advantage, increased sales, increased consumers bond and greater visibility with the board. People do research on the products they want to buy online and every passing year, more people make their purchases online. .petitive Advantage First and foremost, there must be an assumption that the .petitor already uses video to bring the customers closer to make in-person buying. The customer who looks for information on the products of the purchase will .e to the site only when they have more in-depth tools or information about the product of their research. Even customers, who want to buy products at the cheapest prices, also the first research their products and the website has to establish that it gives reliable information. The reliable information brings more people to the site, creating a greater opportunity for sales. The return on this investment is a valued customer and a positive perception of the brand which is a win-win situation. Branding Advantage In todays world of online landscape there are reviewers and bloggers for all the major service and product category and many post reviews with online videos of a newly released product. The statistics state that 90% of the consumers say buying decisions are impacted by online reviews. Before making a video, it should be considered whether the products have to be defined by a reviewer or own video online which highlights the product. It should be made sure that the product is not defined by anybody else. Product videos can be taken to another level with the addition of brand personalities. The video can also be used to respond to .ments and questions effectively. A little creativity will help in getting engaged and excellent client service experience for the audience. Traffic Advantage Search engines like the video gives an SEO advantage. Customers look for information on the products and if at all there are videos on the site, will take notice. A strategy which uses or incorporates a simple video for a growth strategy or pe.ration, should be incorporated into products sold online or otherwise. Starting slowly and making a video which answers the most FAQs is the key. The video should be clear and simple and then have to work up to a online brand nirvana. The video should not have any limits and feature all and everything about the product and give a range of products by exhibiting and entertaining. Sales Advantage Online videos on products also help in sales advantage. It is very easy to sell people on features, uses of the products with a video and the benefits of it too. The video should be made in such a way that it shows more variables and elements about the products and still images too. It can demonstrate the products benefits, FAQs about colors, scale, usage, size or any other important aspect that the customers will want to notice about the product. This ensures trust building for the brand. Video usually equals better engagement which in turn leads to a faster and easier sale. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: