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UnCategorized The role of a project manager is generally stressful, ever-changing, fast paced, and full of responsibility. This is certainly reflected in the average project management salary which is likely to hit almost 6 figures. It is certainly a very rewarding career to be involved in as any manager is going to be involved in the entire process from start to finish. PM’s can certainly work in a variety of different fields and industries from healthcare to construction and .munications to IT. Of course, there will be lots of different factors that are going to affect the salary that any PM will earn. Obviously the specific field in which they work is going to have an impact. In addition to this, the scope of the work being .pleted will also be an important factor to consider, as with the experience levels and knowledge of the PM. In addition to this, geographical location will play its part as well. The actual role of a PM will be in implementing projects on time, in budget, and in a successful manner. The PM and will act as the point of contact for everyone involved, whether this is the unskilled worker at the bottom of the pack, or the chief executive who wants to make sure that the job is being done up to specifications. Of course, the salary that the PM turns is going to depend upon the industry. A general PM can expect to earn roughly $90,000 or above. The average salary of an IT PM is going to be slightly higher and will usually reach the high 90s. In general if the manager is certified and if they have a high level of experience then they can .mand a slightly more lucrative package. Employers will always prefer to hire someone who is certified. Ideally the manager should be looking to get the PMP (project management professional) credential. Having this particular credential will often allow the manager to earn between 13% and 17% more than average. The actual career path to a PM will typically start anyone off in subordinate roles as a coordinator, scheduler, administrative Asst, or simply assistant PM. In order to move themselves up the ladder the aspiring PM is going to need to gradually increase their level of experience and skill set by taking on more responsibilities within the job. Needless to say, as you climb the ladder the project management salary range will increase. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: