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College-University Its about two and a half months left for CAT 2010 and it is suggested by the experts that you start taking mock tests now. In the last article of we had discussed the strategies of taking mock tests. But one of the main questions which you have is how many mock tests should you take at this stage? In this article of, experts will answer that question. When you are taking full length mock tests, you should take that in simulated environment. And for practice purposes, you can take tests from your home or cyber caf offered by your MBA coaching institute or test prep websites. You should take five to six more mock tests in invigilated or simulated environment. Other than that you should take seven to eight more full-length online test at home/cyber caf, says R Shiva Kumar, Director, R & D, Career Launcher. More is not always merrier According to Vinayak Kudva, Product Head, IMS Learning, when it comes to taking mock tests for CAT exam, more is not always merrier for you. It mostly depends upon what your present preparation stage is and how much are you analyzing and improving with it. You do not need more than 10 to 15 tests in the last three months leading to the CAT 2010 , says Kudva. So before you decide to take a mock test, make sure that you have got sufficient preparation for the same. You should go for full length mock tests only after checking your abilities in the section wise mock tests. Preparation will decide the number of mock tests The decisive factor for the number of mock tests to be taken is your preparation stage. If you are not confident enough, then there is no use of taking mock tests. The number of mocks that you should attempt will depend on your preparation stage. If you are thoroughly prepared, you can give two to three mocks a week. In case you are just starting out with your preparation, then it would be advisable to give one mock a week, mentions Aziz Manva, Content Head, Importance of analysis Analysis of the test taken by you is as much important as taking mock tests. Mock tests are taken so that you can test your preparation and hence act accordingly. So if you do not analyze your test properly, you will not progress farther. After every test that you take you need to spend enough time analyzing your performance in the same with regards to not only questions that you have attempted correctly, but even those that your got incorrect or those you skipped, mentions Kudva. The time between taking two mock tests should be utilized for analyzing your preparation. Take the time in between to analyze your performance, suggests Manva. Use the time in between to brush up your weak areas, and also analyze the mocks, he adds. To read the strategies of taking mock tests, click on the following link: ..mbauniverse../article/id/3455/CAT-2010-Mock-test-strategies Stay tuned to MBAUniverse.. for more on CAT 2010 preparation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: