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News-and-Society Ignatius Piazza is a name that is not taken lightly. Neither is the name of his firearms training academy, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. In news rooms, media centers and newspapers the world over, Ignatius Piazza’s name is recognized and respected. Small wonder, too. Ignatius Piazza’s brainchild, Front Sight, is the nation’s largest gun training institute. Every year, Front Sight delivers firearms training to more students than all other major shooting schools in the nation combined. Tens of thousands of students have received from Front Sight and Ignatius Piazza gun training which not only taught them the basics of firing a weapon accurately and safely, but also how to handle and use the gun responsibly. But the responsibility imbedded in each student goes further than just gun use – the responsibility extends to everyday life. Of late, Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight, their tens of thousands of students and the rest of the major media of America have had their eyes laser-focused on the U.S. Supreme Court, which accepted for consideration a few weeks ago a case which court scholars are calling the most significant Second Amendment case in seventy years. The case the U.S. Supreme Court has accepted for consideration is District of Columbia vs. Heller. The case argues the constitutionality of the District of Columbia’s handgun ban under the Second Amendment. Since 1976, the District of Columbia has had a ban on handguns throughout D.C., even in the homes of private citizens. According to Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight, the District of Columbia ban, which also requires that all rifles and shotguns in the district be rendered non-functional in the homes of citizens, makes all residents in the District of Columbia second-class citizens. Unable to defend themselves should anything ever happen to them in their own homes, the citizens are not the only ones thankful that the U.S. Supreme Court has accepted the case. The U.S. Supreme Court is being applauded for its willingness to take the case by Front Sight, Ignatius Piazza and all the major media. The problem that Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight have is that even if the citizens of the District of Columbia have received firearms training or gun training, they can’t do anything to defend themselves, because all weapons must be rendered non-functional – which means they must be broken down, trigger-locked and have the ammunition separate from the weapon. In Ignatius Piazza’s opinion, there could be no more successful recipe for disaster. Ignatius Piazza’s philosophy at Front Sight is that gun training makes for a safe individual. Individuals receiving firearms training can not help but become more responsible. Gun training allows for individuals to safeguard and protect their family and loved ones. The District of Columbia’s handgun ban doesn’t even allow the safest, most responsible of gun users to protect themselves and their families, and that is in direct opposition to the Second Amendment. The U.S. Supreme Court will soon be ruling on one of the most significant cases concerning the Second Amendment to ever face America. We citizens can only hope they’re listening to Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight and their crusade for gun rights and gun training. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: