Faux Wood Blinds Add Real Value-pp点点通2006

Home-and-Family Most of us would be interested in enhancing the overall feel and comfort inside our homes. In most cases the right type of wood blinds helps us to achieve both of those things. Nonetheless, wooden blinds cost so much more than blinds constructed of vinyl, plastic or aluminum. The predicament for most men and women and designers is how to decorate to produce great atmosphere without paying a lot and the solution is to use faux wood blinds. Faux wood blinds are manufactured from a combination of chemicals, adhesives and veneers to imitate the look of actual wood. When they were originally introduced into the market they were met with a little opposition as the manufactures were bothered about the amount of chemicals employed and how the public would perceive that. As the pop-culture of green developing has become more persuasive in the market place the chemical off setting has dwindled making the processing of these chemicals less catastrophic. Cheap faux wood blinds can be made from particle board; an engineered wood that is employed in a lot of home furnishings. Hardboard, which is likewise used to make wood floors, can also be used in their construction. Faux wood can be made of laminated veneer wood and lumber, too. Finally faux wood blinds can be made with pvc just wrapped with a veneer or coating to make them appear like wood. For just a small part of what you would invest on real wood blinds, you can acquire the same look and feel with faux wood blinds. Because they merge in without calling attention to themselves, homeowners like real wood and faux wood blinds. On the maintenance side the faux wood appearing plastic makes them much easier to maintain and clean, the only down side is if they are open to heavy levels of moisture they may warp and bend. Cordless window blinds are an appealing recent addition to the window treatment business. These blinds don’t have to have a cord to relocate the blind and plant it into place. This has been a much loved addition for men and women with safety problems or small children who may either play with the cords or get entangled in them. Of course some of the old but really valuable uses for the blinds is the motorized blinds which are great if the windows you wish to cover are very high and not easy to reach. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: