600 km – 40 – hour non-stop ride in Yinchuan, the success of the success of the 3 riding friends – C-puritans pride

600 km 40 hour uninterrupted riding Yinchuan 3 riders challenge success – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Ma Xiaojun) reporter learned yesterday, held in Xi’an 15 ROCN600 km 40 hours uninterrupted riding bike challenge, Yinchuan BH- heart fly Cycling Club 3 riders, Zhong Yuxiang, Cao Rui GUI challenge success. Among them, Cao Rui won the women’s title heroine. Reporters learned that the ROCN600 km cycling challenge a total of nearly 60 from the national amateur bicycle enthusiasts, the race across the Guanzhong across Weihe from Chi Xiyue into Hancheng, Huanglong climb under the white water, after 40 hours of uninterrupted riding, Yinchuan 3 bike lovers in 17, 0 before the end of success match. It is worth mentioning that, at 16, 2, 3 riders have been riding for 14 hours on the way in the 50 km deep mountain climbing for fifth stage of the Yanan and Luochuan, Cao Rui was behind leg cramps, but she with perseverance to complete the challenge, and won the women’s female hero trophy. According to reports, ROCN (RandonneursofChina, China uninterrupted riding the French ACP (AudaxClubParisien) is Paris rickshaw Association) in Chinese the only official authorized organization, the season were held 200 km, 300 km, 400 km and 600 km challenge, completed the challenge riders will be eligible to participate in the 1200 km ultimate challenge. 1200 km challenge is the oldest, largest and most difficult amateur cycling events in the world, China will be held for the first time this year, 3 cyclists will likely participate in the world’s top amateur challenge.相关的主题文章: