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Over 80 thousand take the law niche PFP level joint venture SUV quotes lead: SUV is now the market is hot, SUV models have received extensive attention. It is generally believed that the price of SUV will be slightly higher than other models, this is not the case. So today let us introduce several ultra low-cost joint venture SUV, while they are in the country have a great decline, if you are ready to change recently, may wish to look at these models. [market] Tencent JiNing Railway Station recently, editors from Jining Anji Hengyuan Automobile Sales Co. learned that the store Yeti part of car sales, colors, the Car Buying models maximum discount of 10 thousand yuan, for details see table below: Yeti price straight down the price inquiring about the price of 2017 car 280TSI DSG version 159 thousand and 800: 10 thousand brothers 149 thousand and 800 cars are plentiful inquiry promotion time: 2016.09.06-2016.10.05 car prices on the > tab to view the Tencent for more information; > price 2016 drive part home high cost Skoda wild emperor Yeti 1.2TSI parameter configuration | models Pictures | comments | riders the lowest fuel consumption of Yeti: 97 thousand and 800 for the basic price of appearance, 2016 Yeti bumper, hood and forward air grille configuration are integrated into the design of a new family of Skoda at the same time, simplicity of the logo also appeared In the car. With off-road style external spare tire, does not occupy the trunk space, making the body appear more slender. The body size, 2016 Skoda Yeti and 2014 models, 4275mm and 4459mm two kinds of body length is optional, width and height is 1793mm*1682mm, wheelbase 2638mm. The parameter configuration | models Pictures | riders the lowest fuel consumption of Yeti | comments: 97 thousand and 800 asking price power, the car offers 1.4T, 1.6L and 1.8T three kinds of power, which 1.4T engine maximum power 110kW, peak torque of 250Nm; 1.8T engine maximum power 118kW, peak torque of 250Nm; 1.6L engine maximum power 81kW, peak torque of 155Nm. Transmission system is matched with the 5MT, 6 gear dual clutch gearbox and the 7 gear dual clutch gearbox. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars. The price for editing in the car, first-line real collection to the price, because the price of cars change constantly, while the price is only individual dealers, so the price is for reference use. Market Tencent official e-mail: autonews2012#qq (please # for @) [Edit] auto Tencent recently learned from the WuHan Railway Station, Wuhan Longyang Honda 4S shop, the store bin chi (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) car sales, purchased the car to enjoy the highest preferential 8000 yuan, send 5000 yuan fine Car Buying Meida package, interested in friends can call the Advisory details, free telephone number: 4)相关的主题文章: