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Travel-and-Leisure If you are looking for a fabulous Disney vacation, booking a holiday villa in Orlando would seem to be the first step to take. One of the most important aspects of a vacation after choosing the destination is your choice of ac.modation, and there are generally two types of people with little in between. Either you like to rough it, in which case you will go for a tent, trailer or log cabin, or you like luxury in which case you will normally opt for a hotel. Of those that like to rough it, most will eventually admit that it is the price that attracts them, and that if they could afford something better they would go for it. Sure, there are those that genuinely prefer a tent, and there’s a lot to be said for a camping holiday. However, if that’s not you, then nothing is going to persuade you other than cost. Of those that prefer the hotel room, most when pressed for an answer why will say that there are no alternatives. A hotel is the only way to rest .fortably when on vacation in Orlando, and they have enough hassle during the rest of the year to want any on their Disney vacation. They want some luxury: a .fortable bed, a pool and spa and just to be able to chill out. Of these two extremes, neither will likely have given any consideration to a holiday villa in Orlando. There is a wide range of Orlando vacation villas, from condos to six bedroom villas set in luxury resorts where every form of entertainment is laid on for them. However, if you mention that to them they will prevaricate and mention the price. "It must be dreadfully expensive" they will say, as if that were an excuse. How much are these hotel rooms costing them? Particularly if they have a large family with them, which many have. The happy campers can be forgiven believing that, but it’s not much of an excuse for the hotel lovers. Actually they are wrong. Let’s take the hotel lovers first. Ignore what they are paying for their hotel, but look at their family. Let’s say they are a couple with four children. What would that involve ac.modation-wise? Three rooms? Certainly more than two, and three at a minimum. Perhaps even four if the kids are of a certain age, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and settle for three. Now let’s look at the price of a three bedroom holiday villa in Orlando. In fact let’s look first at a 3 bedroom town house in Windsor Palms resort: that is $135 a night – for the whole family of six people. That’s high season in mid-summer for under $44 a room. What kind of hotel will offer you rooms at that price? I don’t know, but I sure don’t want to spend a night there! That’s fabulous luxury ac.modation with a pool, high speed inter. and everything the resort has to offer for a measly 44 bucks a room. If they wanted to up that to a 4 bedroom holiday villa in Orlando it would be $180: $45 a night per room to include a Playstation, games room with pool and air hockey, private pool and lots more beside. Even at that they are getting more than their hotel could offer. What if they were hungry at night? Room service prices? No, rustle yourself up a burger or a sandwich in your own kitchen. Bye-bye hotel – you suddenly just got outvoted on price, luxury and privacy. Now, how about the Disney vacation being enjoyed by the happy campers – those that prefer to live under canvas? Nothing wrong with a tent or trailer, but they are only doing this because they can’t afford better – they said so. However, they can afford a luxury holiday villa in Orlando, especially if they go for a condo at $125 a night for three bedrooms. Six people at less than $21 each. There’s no arguing with value like that. Keep in mind that we are talking only 2 miles from Disney here! Plus shuttle transport to all the attractions. Not only that, but this is in the Windsor Hills Resort with its fitness room, volleyball, tennis, basketball, movie cinema and games arcade. Plus a pool, hot tub . . . There is too much to mention. With your own laundry and cooking facilities you are going to save money here, and that means you have more to spend on enjoying yourself. There is no reason at all why anybody, whether they are in a tent or a hotel room, should not be able to afford a luxury holiday villa in Orlando and not only save money, but also have the best and most fabulous Disney vacation that they have ever had About the Author: 相关的主题文章: