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A wave of strikes on the housing asked how many CD is the "play" out of the "930" policy has been implemented over the past two weeks, people laugh and people cry, get high and high housing developers and buyers is the biggest impact, and first-home buyers and for hunters natural touzhaoyue. And the most happy to belong to a "non mainstream" groups – room. The so-called real support, refers to the developers in order to manufacture the illusion of selling, called "idlers" posing as buyers in queuing, Yaohao, even contract fraud. Since the real estate industry marketing, there is a real phenomenon, Beijing how many days of CD occurred in the real support figure we can make nothing of it, but to be sure, immediately into the frozen period of the property market, they will become the battlefield. Then, a large number of uncle aunt will shuttle in the sales offices, there will be the intersection of various accents of tourism real estate project on the bus, a certain real estate "selling contrarian" hot scenes will also continue to unfold. How to identify the illusion of selling real estate, housing is not subject to deceive the eyes, is now the most people should master the skills. Housing entrusted to those things not long ago, the reporter personally experienced such a thing. At the beginning of September this year, Fengtai real estate needs internal subscription, arranging, several friends said the reporter was the scene unpopular scene shocked, a total of four hundred or five hundred sets of houses, arranging nearly 2000 people, hard to find a room. Salesman told them that no relationship can not buy, because the proportion of supply and demand reached 1:4. Later friends through a variety of industry relations to buy housing, and four hundred or five hundred Suites in two hours have been sold out". But it is puzzling that, in a few days, the reporter received the sale of the phone. The sales staff told reporters that the sale of a variety of apartment layout are sold, but very tight, shortly before the opening is not to seize the remaining sets, I hope reporters to search as soon as possible. Reporters visited the property, located in Fengtai District six ring, commercial apartments. The surrounding supporting almost no design, apartment layout also has a lot of defects, especially LOFT, the height is 4.1 m, to be honest, if not the real estate trend is good, the market is likely to become unsalable goods. So, the problem comes, the project launched the housing since the "daylight", how can there still be a promotion phone? City Construction Committee website shows why there are a large number of houses? The key question is: where did the 2000 people come from? Thus, the reporter can not think of the previous occurrence of two pieces of news related to the housing. In Chengdu, a customer suddenly bought the story of the 60 suites, and later with the housing management sector and the involvement of the business sector, was found to be false, the relevant responsible person has been treated. In Shenzhen, September 19th, a property that the opening day, more than 2000 people attended the emergency room houses were looted. In addition, there are a number of online media on the development of the sun similar articles. In September 27th, the relevant departments in Shenzhen city to the Sales Office of the project, according to the scene to open the "pre-sale commercial housing permits and sales system data show that the sale of a total of 1006 sets of pre-sale of commercial housing, the opening day sold only 441 units (excluding housing movements). That is not the online article said the opening is sold out. Face inspection相关的主题文章: