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Bach is .monly considered to be most significant .posers of all times. He provided his particular time, as well as every last generation consequently, together with abundant capacity to survey as well as .pile the main essential .posing variations, designs, together with nationalistic traditions. Himself a Lutheran observant, he left a good body of sacred music to cover up the main total liturgical calendar year, together with Latin Masses .posed with regard to the actual Catholic Court of Dresden. He invested a great deal of his performing life as a real church music overseer inside Germany. Even though J. S. Bach has been a good solid greatly well known organist during his life, he was not known as a good solid superb .poser till the early 19th century. Today he is without a doubt regarded as one of the most influential .poser ever. Bach’s use of counterpoint has been brilliant and also revolutionary, in addition to the astounding .plexities of his .positional style which many times bundled faith based together with numerological representations that seem to suit correctly with each other within a unique puzzle of exclusive codes, still stun musicians today. Quite a few take into account him the best .poser of all time. It was basically inside Leipzig the fact that he .posed the majority of his spiritual and also secular cantatas. .fort along with sturdiness can be noticed here too, then there is a fine intellect working as well as great hands. The particular "Ricercar" a six, a six-voice fugue that is without question the highpoint of the full opus, appeared to be put forward by the musicologist Charles Rosen as the most vital piano (keyboard) work in history, to some extent for the reason that it is certainly one of the first. This particular Ricercar is actually at the same time sometimes referred to as "Prussian Fugue", a name made use of by the Bach himself. Johann Sebastian Bach’s The Musical Offering, BWV 1079, incorporates sixteen movements and happens to be a bit extended than fifty minutes throughout duration, resulting from a challenge to develop a theme .peted for the purpose of the .poser by way of Frederick the Great. The meeting happened on May seven, 1747, and Bach’s son, Carl Philipp Emmanuel, who .monly ac.panied Frederick throughout performances of chamber music, established with regard to both men to meet. Basically by, J.S. Bach, "the old Bach of Leipzig," was basically regarded as a writer of old-fashioned music, although his improvising expertise were originally still well-known. Frederick, the King of Prussia, did possibly not agree to way too difficult music, clearly preferring the trendy "galant" style towards the confusing fugues connected with high Baroque music. In an evident attempt to confound the old master, the monarch provided an awkward chromatic subject with regard to the aging musician to improvise over, and was basically astonished through Bach’s handling on this "Royal Theme." Later, the improviser was adamant that he however had possibly not done the actual theme justice, and also that he would try to achieve this. Later that year, The Musical Offering showed up in print, dedicated to Frederick the Great, and printed at the .poser’s own expenditure. It proves the total toolbox of the Baroque .poser of fugues and even does it together with more fluency .pared to any musician of the time would have been able to supply. Not surprisingly, it takes under consideration the particular monarch’s passion with regard to flute playing in addition to supplies a prominent part for the purpose of the actual instrument. Mehmet Okonsar released an entire version of the BWV 1079 realized on electronic instruments. Mehmet Okonsar was born in Istanbul (Turkey) and lived in Paris while in his primary instruction. He started learning piano at the National Conservatory of Ankara, with Nimet Karatekin and Necil Kazim Akses. It is in the today well known European capital city of Belgium that Mehmet Okonsar basically attained almost all, he states "absolutely all", musical schooling. Additionally, the specific style as well as rules of Pierre Sancan who have been the educator of Michel Beroff, met with Okonsar in the person of one of the master’s students he met during his brief stay in the Turkish capital in the last years of the 70s. His very first significant recital happened in 1979. The program integrated Preludes by Messiaen and the Pictures of an Exhibition by Mussorgsky. The piano studies of Okonsar terminated with the maximum honors any student could ever get at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. "Premier Prix avec Distinction", performing the "Dante Sonata" by Liszt as well as "Diplome Superieur de Piano Avec la plus Grande Distinction, Premier Nomme", in 1986, performing the Piano Concerto Op. 42 by Arnold Schoenberg. At the finish of his piano studies, Okonsar found the actual benefit of working with one of the greatest .posers of Belgium: Madame Jacqueline Fontyn. He furthermore studied with a pupil of Messiaen, Claude Ballif. In 1989 he will get his certifications in .position-Orchestration from the Royal Conservatory of Music of Brussels. "Working through Turkey will not be improbable within our days" states the pianist. It is true that he is specially .fortable using the .puters and possesses a very solid profile on the Internet. Okonsar is extremely productive from Turkey where he performs, practice, .pose and also writes. He runs a CD .pany plus a publishing house. A first prize at the International Young Virtuoses .petition of Antwerp in 1982, was in fact the beginning of his global career. Having said that his genuine jumping board had been in Utah, the sixth prize at the "Gina Bachauer International Piano .petition", 1991. His experimental activities did not get not noticed either, the "Academie des Arts Contemporains" of Enghien, Belgium provided him together with both Gold and Bronze medals for his acoustic as well as electro-acoustic .positions. His researches on music and also modern technology ended up given in a lecture at the Yamaha headquarters in Hamamatsu, Japan. His repertoire en.passes an assortment from the early seventeenth century ("The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book") together with .posers, amongst others, Orlando Gibbons and Giles Farnaby and extends to late 20th century with the works by Karlheinz Stockhausen as well as Witold Lutoslawski. Distinctive works within this repertoire are: J.S. Bach "The Art of Fugue" performed on organ (or piano) as well as harpsichord; the Goldberg Variations, the integrale of Well-tempered Keyboard. All the actual aspects associated with the astounding opus by J. S. Bach is without a doubt performed with faultless purity in addition to savor within a selection of "sounds" in addition to "instruments" employed. More "human" as opposed to Wendy Carlos, much less "romantic" than Tomita the actual result is certainly absolutely captivating. Two exact creative solutions taken according to The multi-faceted music artist Okonsar definitely worth observing. First he chose to employ sampled ancient instruments (i.e. viols "da gamba") with regard to the Sonate in Trio. The actual sound generated from those viols and even the block flute is certainly marvelous. Second he intentionally decided to allow the "endless" canon an actual infinite aspect by not really terminating the actual music but instead fading out its end. Most of the other existing significant releases of the opus forever looked like frustrating to me. Generally the orchestrations are generally "too huge" generally pompous. Most certainly the pianist and .poser Okonsar created the most beneficial modern day option with regards to the instrumentation (which is not described throughout the music score). The Belgian performer once reported that in the event that Bach lived right now he would certainly have tried electronic instruments mainly because he seems to have been often intrigued together with the fresh sound sources of his time frame. Okonsar, .poser, conductor and musicologist in addition to pianist is certainly a strong adept of the actual "Free Music" approach. Virtually all his discs continue to be shared from the individual artist. This is certainly a good solid uplifting point of view which, according to the particular musician is going to be of immense profit to equally the very artist, the actual release and most of the classical music arena. Moreover most of the the top video portal Youtube(r) has a assortment of the multi-faceted music artist Okonsar’s performances at the piano music videos. Oftentimes his Disc releases are simultaneously uploaded as videos into the artist’s Youtube(r) channel: mokonsar. 相关的主题文章: