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After attending the top glory dinner, President Zhao Ming quilt what? Wuzhen science and technology Sohu – every year, all the chiefs gathered when the media reporter who is digging lace and Mengliao feast. In November 16th, Ding Lei in Wuzhen to host the Internet gangster, a time Chinese Internet top coffee Wuzhen banquet map brush my circle of friends. Under the Shaoxing Yellow Wine brothers is full of fun, tanxing, for journalists, is absolutely the best time to make a big news ". This is not, drink High the glory of mobile phone President Zhao Ming by reporters caught a face of a reporter a pit, self rating has to drink can tell the truth Zhao Ming, exactly how much a quilt can not say that the secret? Honestly, watching Zhao Ming in vino Veritas video after over ten years of media reporters, believes that the big news is out, even the third world war is very likely to be moved into the media. Next, let us look at the reporters "digging", "pollution" problem. Question 1: mobile phone hang chat is very warm, Lei Jun talked almost cry? Have to admire the sensitivity of the reporter, glory and millet, is just past the double 11 war, the quarrelsome lovers hundred-percent. However, with a quick cry to describe the failure of the sale of Lei Jun, is not a bit too much? Zhao Ming immediately aware of this is a pit, with three consecutive "no" to deny, and changed the subject, said not only, but also because of the wine, and Lei Jun eliminates a lot of misunderstanding, a lot of consensus. For example, we are for the national manufacturing industry, the rise of China’s manufacturing industry together, we all need to be fair competition, so as to promote the development of the industry. The "Wuzhen consensus" Zhao Ming said, in the context of 11 double smoke actually is not easy, in fact, this war both have good results, a sales champion, a sales champion, the same is in the promotion of industrial development. This also shows that the Internet phone frequently open tear era may be gone forever, fair competition between the gentleman will be the new normal. The media reporters walk between the major manufacturers, casually throwing bricks will be able to make a big news, it is difficult to work. Question 2: intelligent mobile phone hang the original competition is not fair? Seeing the first question was not able to pick things, the female reporter natural heart unwilling, quickly thrown out the second question, you say fair competition, is to say before the competition is unfair?" This is a typical problem of multiple routines, appear in the intended for journalist, was the questioner easily into the ditch. Zhao Ming on this issue, there is clearly found the answer in the dinner. He believes that before the dispute is the difference between the different angles and bring misunderstanding. Everyone thinks they represent the future of China’s manufacturing industry. Different angles can not understand the nature of the practice, naturally prone to friction. But in fact, everyone’s goal is consistent with the help of China’s manufacturing industry, to help China’s industrial upgrading, really make China’s manufacturing industry, China’s brand stands at the top of the world. Internet phone.相关的主题文章: