Alfa Romeo will push new Giulia release in 2018

Alfa? Romeo will push the new Giulia released in 2018, Phoenix News recently, foreign media reported that Alfa? Romeo will launch a new Giulia of the latest models, undertake cash Alfa? Romeo Giulia design models, at the same time will also be Alfa Romeo 166 modern successor models into the market. It is reported that the new car will be officially released in 2018, when the new car will by virtue of its excellent performance, become the "pure Italy performance cannon". The design, from the picture, the new appearance with the design of family appearance, the whole body lines is very smooth, the front part of the inverted triangle grille, headlight design is very dynamic, while the lens with LED headlights is also very cool. Taillight parts: car tail shape highlights the stereo feeling, the same unique tail collocation LED lamp group, plus a panoramic sunroof, making the car "cannon" characteristic is revealed. The interior, it is reported that the new car will use the driver focused cockpit information entertainment system, the upper part of the central console host load, design of physical buttons and knobs is as concise clear. Positioning, it is reported that in the U.S. market, people regard Alpha Romeo Giulia with Audi Quattro, BMW M and Mercedes Benz AMG and other popular models of different sports sedan. Cash Alfa? Romeo Giulia locked competitors for the BMW 5 series models, the new appearance of movement, and the launch of a dynamic, locked competitors for the Mercedes Benz E, Audi A6, Lexus GS and BMW 5 series models, the remarkable market competitiveness. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the new car will be based on the new Giorgio platform to build, using a new rear wheel drive platform design. On the other hand, despite the launch of the new Giulia 4C carbon fiber chassis like that, but for the new version of the Giulia performance flexibility and not much impact, but thankfully, the new car has good control performance and dynamic performance of the steering body directly, sensitive, very clear, and the body tracking the dynamic stability of the body of the excellent performance, provides great confidence these advantages will be for the driver. For more information, please continue to focus on phoenix.相关的主题文章: